4 Restaurants Habits That Are Secretly Making You Fat

A restaurant on the moon could not have had less atmosphere.”

As rightly said by Geoff Dyer, restaurants are indeed great places. To hang out and reunite, mingle up, and socialize and eat and drink and of course to gain weight! As per the survey, almost 9 on every 10 patients seeking obesity treatment in India admitted to munching on restaurant meals regularly. Here we list out 4 common restaurant mistakes that are secretly adding pounds in your waistline.

1. Falling For The Buffet

‘Eat as much as you want, only at ₹₹₹.’

Obesity Treatment

These lucrative offers make you get ready on your weekends, gather some of your foodie folks and set your destination to the buffet places. The buffet attracts foodies as you believe you can extract the maximum return on their investment, which is true, to be honest. But later on, you are the one who also have to pay back the most when obesity clings on to you.

Bottom line- Refrain yourself from falling for these tasty tricks

2. That Complimentary Bag Of Fat

‘That will on the house/ complimentary from the chef’

Obesity Treatment

These sound like music to ears doesn’t it! Let it be chips, croutons, salsa dressing or crunchy breadsticks, even if you got them as free complimentary, you are somehow paying for it. These foods are often deep-fried, loaded with calories and unhealthy for your body weight.

Bottom line- Ask yourself whether it is ‘treat or trick’ before accepting it.

3. Going For Take Away Instead Of Eating Out

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‘You have to pay extra 10 bucks for packing’ this small charge does not seem to make a hole in your pocket, but surely is adding a few pounds to your belly. Going for ‘take out’ or even gathering the left out food as ‘pack up the rest’ on a routine basis can contribute towards weight gain in a long run.

Bottom line- Let the bygones be bygones, don’t let it cling onto you

4. Going For The Extra Dressing And Toppings

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Saying no to a lovely lady saying ‘Shall I add the spicy mayo dressing on your salad?’ isn’t it!

These light dressing can add tons of weight in a long run. If you are eating out a lot, refrain yourself from adding extra dressing and topping. Remember, it is making your taste buds go roll, but also making your body look like a roller.

Bottom line- Let the salad be a diet for weight loss, not weight gain

Thus, if you are a foodie who cannot help but eat out a lot. At least beware of these tricks and also do regular exercise. In case you feel things are going put in your hand, you can also seek a reliable obesity treatment.