9 Tips to Cut Down Calories and Lose Weight on this Diwali

Make the festive season lit and glamorous without any unnecessary ‘weight’! Diwali is one of the biggest festivals observed in India. As per several obesity surgery doctors, often it is seen that we end up putting on weight during such festive seasons by binge eating and ignoring our daily health regime. Diwali means no work, no school or college and lots of fun! Amidst all these, we tend to forget the most important factor that is our health. All credit goes to those fun eating, outing, gulping sweets and goodies along with no stress and almost NIL physical exercises because of the holiday. As a result, we face post-holiday lethargy, weight gain, and gastric problems. Always remember that your carefree enjoyment can make your health suffer. Even it can be an alarming sign of obesity.

Hence, we should learn a few ways to NOT go off the track on this Diwali.

Here you go.

For maintaining a balance between health and festive activity, you should be a little more proactive these days. Some conscious efforts may help you.

  1. Make sure, if you are on a diet, you have been following it religiously without any cheating. Moreover, it is important to hit a balance between how much you should eat and what you should eat. Keep a check on your eating proportion during the festival.
  2. Use less amount of sugar while preparing any sweet dish on this Diwali; instead of that, you can use jaggery or sugar-free substitute as well.
  3. If you have a sweet tooth, ensure that you are eating sweets moderately.
  4. You should use only refined oil for making fried preparations.
  5. Have an orange or an apple just before having the sweet condiments. It will provide you with adequate fiber to layer inside your digestive system, resulting to which, you won’t simply overeat.
  6. Restrict the uses of Ghee, Makhan (butter).
  7. Don’t let your stomach be empty for a long time.
  8. Stay hydrated. If possible increase your daily water consumption. Take 2 cups of green tea per day as well.
  9. Anything excess isn’t a nice idea. So avoid overeating and overdrinking (particularly alcohol).

However, whether you are following these diet plan strictly or not, do not overdo anything for the sake of maintaining a routine. Obesity surgery doctors also agree that with a proper diet plan, it is also necessary to continue your daily meditation and workout. Include a physical activity such as Yoga, freehands, stretching etc. every day for 30-40 minutes preferably before breakfast-dinner. In case if you overate, try to do some cardio activities of moderate intensity.

Stay fit and don’t overeat! Happy Diwali.