Binging And Purging – Why This Weight Loss Mantra Is A Must-Avoid

If you simply type the terms ‘weight loss tips’, the internet will flood with hundreds of results. The concept of ‘binging and purging’ is kind of new thing that is being adopted by many people in the western countries. It is considered as a weight loss tip, but obesity surgery doctors and any sane person even with a minute knowledge of the human body and diet strictly argues against it. Let’s understand what it is, in details.

The practice comprises of 2 events, namely the binging and the purging. As the terms, itself suggests the binging comprises of mindless eating in a short period of time and many overweight individuals are quite familiar with it. Purging, on the other hand, means getting rid of and is practiced by removing the food from the body as soon as possible.

As most of you are familiar that digestion takes about 6-8 hours and a total of 10-12 hours to eliminate from the system. So, how the purging within an hour is accomplished? It is done either by self-induced vomiting or by using laxatives. Throwing up or having a loose motion is something every individual has experienced at least a couple of times as a reflex of the body, due to some of the other condition. However, self-induced vomiting or loose motion using laxatives is never a good idea. They are not only ineffective but also are harmful to health.

Self-induced vomiting can give rise to associated complications such as choking, bursting of blood vessels, dental erosion, respiratory discomfort and esophageal tearing etc. Using laxatives has even more complications. The bowel system has its own functionality and messing up with it is dangerous. It can cause the bowel function to be unresponsive or entirely dependent on it. Usually, it is accompanied by short-term bloating, gas and other abdominal discomforts, but if laxative abuse has been persistent for a long time, the damages too, are likely to extend for a long term. Using a laxative to purge semi-digested food is quite ineffective too, as most of the nutrients and calories already get absorbed by the time it reaches the end of the alimentary canal.

Thus, it is clear that this practice of ‘binging and purging’ is both disgusting and dangerous. Under no circumstances, it is advised by obesity surgery doctors. Instead, people with eating disorders or obesity are recommended to seek consultation from a well-experienced doctor and consider a bariatric surgery instead.