The Alarming Case of Rising Childhood Obesity Among Teens

Teenage is a very special phase in an individual’s life. On one hand, they bid goodbye to the innocence and comfort of childhood and on the other hand, they try to embrace the aspect of adulthood. In between adjusting to a peers group, teenagers often fall into the trap of several complications. Being overweight or obese is one of the major threats that the teenagers are facing these days. It can be confirmed by the increasing number of teenagers being recommended to undergo bariatric surgery. Let’s understand it in details the reasons for a teenager to become obese these days. Food and diet habit is the main keys that build the body. Until teenage, it is often feasible for parents to influence or sometimes even force the children to make healthier food choices. It no longer holds after the children cross the age of adolescence. Their new source of almost every choice becomes their peers and social circle. Their food habit

How Excessive Weight Adversely Affects the Skin?

Having obesity imperils the health of an individual in multiple ways. It is easy to find its correlation with diabetes, joint pain, and heart diseases, but most of the patients undergoing bariatric surgery admit to having multiple skin conditions as well. Let’s understand in detail few most common skin conditions associated with excess weight. 1. Stretch marks Rapid weight gain leads to the appearance of stretch marks on the body. At first, it is just on the belly and waist, but with time, it starts to appear on the thighs, arms, and chest as well. Initially, it can be spotted in color pink, but as they stay on the body, it transforms to white. Furthermore, it can get wrinkled over a prolonged period of time. It is very tricky to treat or resolve a stretch mark. Bio oil might help to control it a little, but severe stretch mark can be resolved only through chemical bleach and laser treatment. 2. Varicose

A Brief Introduction of Lap Band Bariatric Surgery

Living an extra-large life is what most people desire, however, living with an extra large body is definitely not. Not only does it look unattractive, but it causes several complications as well. Diabetes type 2, sleep apnea, joint pain etc are only a few to name. Thankfully the emergence of weight loss surgery has proved itself as a life-saving procedure. There are several types of bariatric surgery offered in healthcare facilities across Kolkata. However, lap band is one of the most favored technique. Let’s understand its procedure and scope in details. The stomach holds the food and facilitates some of the digestion processes. The remaining of the digestion occurs in the small and large intestine. The lap band method uses a silicon rubber tube to tie the upper portion of the stomach. This tie-up causes the stomach to divide into two parts for the time being. This band can be adjusted by removing or adding salt water. This is done

Why Obesity Among Youth is Crucial to Address on Time!

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference”. As rightly said by Aristotle, the youth is the future of the nation. Their health and well being ensures a bright future for the nation ahead as well. But sadly, since the past couple of decades, the body weight of too many youths is taking control of their health and development. Moreover, as per statistical research of bariatric surgery in India, many youths are coming ahead, looking for a permanent cure for their prolong obesity. Obesity has many disadvantages for any individuals, but for youth, it is a nothing less than a major disadvantage. Particularly due to their career paths. In this competitive market, only good scorecards are not sufficient in order to bag one’s dream job. A youth these days must be physically active, mentally alert, willing to bend the office hours or parameters in order to secure and keep a decent job. Having obesity not only make them look

Case Study – How Dieting Often Does Not Solve Obesity

One in every 5 Indians is either obese or overweight. This startling sentence itself depicts the severity of his global threat in India. The preventive measure of obesity often includes a healthy diet and ample amount of physical activities. Indeed, the first word that strikes mind for effective weight loss is dieting. But most of the patient undergoing bariatric surgery lately speaks against it. Let’s understand it through the help of a case study. Mr. Subham Karnik is a businessman who aspires to achieve success with his wits and dedication. However, extra pounds always slowed him down. He decided to take action and searched for weight loss method. He found a dieting site featuring an agency that claims to help lose up to 40 kgs in merely 12 months. Moreover, since the organization was celebrating its supposedly 5th inauguration anniversary they offered 15 percent discount, as long as Mr. Karnik gets register within the next 2 days. He found this

Is Your Fat Valentine Making You Fat as Well?

Love is in the air with Valentine’s day around the corner. While there are several positive aspects of having a loved one in life, their contributions, sometimes, can be seen on the waistline as well. Yes, it is often prevalent that having a fat/obese valentine, let it be your spouse, fiance or even a longtime girlfriend/boyfriend can make you look for XXL clothes as well. As a matter of fact, 6 out of 10 obese people that seek bariatric surgery have an over or at least an overweight spouse as well. Let’s try to understand the reasons behind the same. 1. Unhealthy lifestyle is contagious Let it be eating fast food together, or skipping the gym for a movie, unhealthy lifestyle is very tempting and highly contagious. Many times, even a health-conscious individual let loose on their routine self and gets influenced by their lazy loved ones. Ideally, the reverse scenario would help them both to stay fit and healthy,

10 More Weight Loss Quotes to Boost Your Aim

We already presented 10 super motivational quotes for you to lose weight. Hope, it gave you a super kickstart. In case, you are letting yourself fall into a trap of laziness and fast food again, don’t worry and buckle up. We present 10 more weight loss quotes for you. So, get, set, go! Hope, you stay focused on your aim of weight loss, in the journey of healthy living. In case, you face difficulties, get in touch with obesity surgery doctor for more helpful suggestion and treatment.

Role of Long Hours of Academic Engagement Towards Childhood Obesity

The count of obese individuals in India is rising day by day. The same can be confirmed by looking at the increasing statistics of obesity surgery in India. Typically a child is sent to preschool, and nursery since the age of three to four. It is basically done in order to keep them engaged for few hours a day and help them get to socialize with friends. This duration keeps increasing as the child grows up. By the child reach the age of 10, he/she is more likely to be attending 5th/6th standard of the schooling. At this stage, they attend 6 to 8 hours in school premises on an average. It takes at least 1-2 more hours in the transportation and 1-2 hours more on getting ready for school and retiring after returning to home. Thus, on an average, about 9 to 12 hours go by purely related to schooling and homework and projects allocated for home. Apart from

7 New Year Resolution That Never Going to Work Out for Weight Loss

Another year has passed and you are still carrying those extra pounds around your waist from last year right! Many morbidly obese individuals have undergone laparoscopic obesity surgery in order to kick away obesity, while overweight individuals are trying hard to kick away extra fat. Are you looking for a fresh new year resolution for weight loss again? In order to make them work, get rid of the one that is unlikely to be any good and instead try out a better resolution. Here we present some of the resolutions you need to throw away and replace them with more effective ones. Resolution 1 I will definitely lose 25 pounds Make realistic goals that can be achieved effectively. Having some fascinating, unrealistic expectations. will demotivate you from your overall goal. Revised resolution – try to lose 1 pound per week/ 10 days. Resolution 2 I would avoid breakfast in order to cut off calories Breakfast is an important meal of the

5 Tips to Make Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution Work

Another year has passed and most likely most of the overweight folks out there had no success in achieving their weight loss plan due to unrealistic resolution, most likely not to work out. If things are already out of hand, you require obesity surgery to fix, if not, how about trying these tips to achieve effective weight loss this year. Tip 1 – Set the right objective The first and foremost objective to achieve effective weight loss begins with the right resolutions. Having unrealistic expectations even before starting to work on it will ultimately disappoint you. Thus, it is important to have a right objective in mind before starting the weight loss regime altogether. Tip 2 – Dedicate yourself Consistency is the key to achieve any goal, including weight loss goal. Working hard for a week and giving up in the following week will not do any good in a long run. In fact, several patients undergoing obesity surgery have