Does Drinking Water Helps to Shed Weight

Drink eight glasses of water will help you shed weight! This is something we all have heard at least a dozen of times. Some would argue it is best possible obesity treatment. But let’s understand the actual facts behind the same. Does water make the fat melt? No, water does not guarantee in any significant weight loss. Let it be cold or warm, the temperature of the water does not have any effect on the overall body weight. Thus, before blindly putting yourself into the liquid diet of water, think every aspect of it clearly. The above-mentioned facts do not mean, we recommend to consume less amount of water. In contrast, we do insist on taking adequate water regularly. The water is the healthiest liquid or beverage for the human being, that is why it is called the universal solvent. Then how does water help? Water might not help you shed weight, it certainly helps to avoid gaining it, if

Importance of World Obesity Day

Joyce Meyer was absolutely right while stating, “ I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” Indeed, what could be better than having a disease-free body and mind? But sadly, many diseases find their way to our bodies from time to time. Some of them like cold, infection and flu are inevitable but several other like diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain etc are the complimentary gift that comes with the obesity. Obesity surgery doctors advice to keep the body weight in check, so that obesity does not imprison it. The count of obesity has more than doubled in the past three decades. At present, more than 2 billion adults come under the category overweight, out of which 620 million are clinically obese. At this current pace, the count will reach to 2.7 billion by the year 2025. Several obese individuals are unaware of the disease they are exposed to, due

Is Your Skinny Jeans Encouraging Your Obesity?

The fashion defines us, particularly in this current, fashion-obsessed world. Among the new trendy arrivals of apparel, the skinny jeans seem to have found an everlasting place. To boost the sale, the clothes manufacturers are providing nowadays, skinny pair of jeans for people of every size, including overweight and obese individuals. These skinny jeans hold the lose, fatty skin and improve the aesthetic of the body. Though it might look like a solution, (at least for a time being) for excess body weight and fat, several obesity surgery doctors recommend against it. Let’s understand the main two reason supporting the same. The biological effect Obesity surgery doctor points out that the skin tight jeans hold the muscle of the legs, buttock and abdominal region very tightly. This practice, in a long run, begins to substitute the purpose of muscle. It may sound relaxing, but it posses severe side effects. After a period of time, the muscles begin to loose their

Go For Low-Calorie Diet This Festive Season

Dussehra and Diwali, both are main festivals in India and needless to say, is celebrated in extreme enthusiasm and spirit. It is a time of having sweets and snack at home, hang out with friends, and at a relative’s place as well. Among these happy feast days, several individuals let loose on the count on calories and add several pounds to their body weight. Though it seems harmless considering it lasts for a few days only, as per obesity surgery doctors, this practice can have consequences in a long run. In order to help you stay in shape, we provide few simple guidelines for it. 1. Eat as per wish but in lesser quantity In the festive time, it would be extremely challenging to survive on soups and salads. So, eating the favorite sweets and snacks are okay as long as it is being consumed in small quantity. Let it be sugar loaded laddoos of deep fried snack, a small

How Asthma Can Lead You Towards Obesity

Obesity is becoming a threat for all over the world. Though most people can avoid this by adopting a healthy lifestyle consisting a balanced diet and regular physical exercise, it is often very unfeasible to carry out. Ultimately they have to seek help in form of weight loss surgery. It is particularly true for people suffering from asthma Asthma is a medical condition in which the air passage of the individual gets blocked and initiate an episode of breathlessness and a possible spasm. The frequency of these episodes can range between few times a week to few times a day. We all are familiar that being overweight or obese enhances the risks of asthma, but in reality, asthma can also give rise to obesity. Let’s understand the correlation between these two. Eating food is okay as long as you spend enough time, burning it up so that it does not store up in the body as fat. The same does

Eat Breakfast Regularly to Lose Weight

If you have watched the movie ‘Devil wears Prada’, you cannot simply miss the following dialogue Andy Sachs: You look so thin. Emily: Really? It’s for Paris, I’m on this new diet. Well, I don’t eat anything and when I feel like I’m about to faint I eat a cube of cheese. I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight. This might sound like an amusing sentence, and a funny scene to watch, but several individuals actually follow the same in order to lose weight effectively. It might sound logical that the lesser you eat, the faster you shed weight. But in reality, obesity surgery doctors advise strictly against it. In contrast having regular breakfast might help to lose more weight. Let’s understand this in details. The body has a cardinal cloak that adjusts with the sunset and sunrise. Within the 24 hours of a day, we must provide food to the body from time to time for

Why Dumping Syndrome is Not So Scary?

If you keep with the latest happenings of the medical world, you would know that there are several surgical approaches that can be exercised in order to address the threat of obesity. The weight reduction surgery ensures that the body weight shed by the surgery procedure does not return back to the body of the individual, provided the individual sticks to some health guidelines. Read: The Truth About The Dumping Syndrome Avoiding high carb and fatty food is important and so is taking food in smaller portions. This is where the role of dumping syndrome comes into play. The dumping syndrome is the only notable side effect few people acquire after the weight reduction surgery. The dumping syndrome is the medical condition, in which the food once consumed, passes through the digestive system tremendously quickly as compared to its actual pace. This time interval could be as little as 15-20 min in contrast 6-8 hours in general. Though it does not

Are Plus Sized Clothes Making Obesity Okay in Society?

Humans are social creatures and therefore they cannot live without the company of one other. This companionship forms the community and society and their acceptance over several aspects are important for a comfortable living. Now there are several norms that are good and should be respected, while unfortunately, it is not true for all of them. Undergoing an obesity treatment in India was a taboo until a few decades ago. It still is in several parts of India. Having an ideal body weight is one of such aspects. Until a couple of decades ago, having excessive body weight was not very welcomed in the society. In fact, their options regarding various aspects, especially fashionable clothes were limited. Nowadays, several clothes are being produced in the extra large sizes. As a matter of fact, you are likely to find an entire section of such clothes in any retailing section. This gives rise to one question, do these plus size clothes making

Water Weight and Fat Weight- What Is It and How to Lose It

The body weight is one of the most important attributes of a healthy body. But sadly, a huge population nowadays, belong to the category having much more weight than ideally supposed to. In India, as well, a considerable amount of people are undergoing weight loss surgery to control the situation. However, before losing weight, one must know what the difference between water weight and fat weight of the body. It’s okay for the water weight to fluctuate even within a very small time interval. The same does not apply for fat weight. Let’s understand both these terms in more details one by one. Water Weight When you experience a sharp weight gain or loss over a few days or weeks, it is the water weight playing with your weighing scale. The fluctuation sometimes may even point down within a day. There might be several reasons for the same, such as weather (more water retention during hot, humid environment), medical condition,

6 Food Swaps to Help Your Goal of Weight Loss

Food is the ultimate source of energy to carry out everyday tasks. Moreover, food is one prominent cause for having a healthy body, along with the regular physical activity. Consuming the right set of food items is extremely necessary as eating unhealthy food for a long duration will cause obesity. In India, several individuals are undergoing bariatric surgery for correcting obesity due to prolonged consumption of unhealthy food. Today, we will recommend 6 healthy food swaps that will help you keep extra calories at bay: Swap- Muffins and Cupcakes With- Oats with handful of fresh fruits People having sweet tooth often take a bite of a cupcake or muffins to satiate hunger pangs. Instead of these calorie laden treats switch it for a bowl of oatmeal with cherries or strawberries. Swap- Fruit Flavored Yogurt With- Plain yogurt or curd with plenty fruits Fruit flavored yogurts are not only overpriced but also over-sweetened. Try to settle for the same portion