‘Buy 1 Get 1’ Offers – How They Contribute Towards Obesity

Who doesn’t love to eat? Having delicious food is one kind of euphoria for almost everyone. The thrill of eating tasty foods becomes more exciting when the offers of ‘buy 1 get 1’ comes shining on the display boards of restaurants. No matter how disfigured we become the thought of getting a weight reduction surgery hardly crosses our minds, as we are then occupied with the neon signs.

Every country, in their popular cities, has some renowned food places that serve all the delicious cuisine. From traditional to continental, all kinds of food on the menu card attracts us like a call of a siren. Among us the people who are in acute danger of being overweight often forget that these foods can prove dangerous to their already spreading like a sheet body.

Nowadays, restaurants and food joints have adopted a new business policy. To attract more and more customers they have started to give this buy 1 get 1 offer. This mostly happens in fast food joints. If you buy one burger another one is free so that you can bring another person with you or if you’re that hungry, you can eat them both.

In these cases, you really don’t mind the price because you are getting two at the deal of one, or the price is half for two. So, without caring how your body is gonna take all that fat and how big you’re going to get, you jump right at the offer.

Obesity can happen to anyone. It’s not that you’re slim today, you won’t get fat the next couple of years. If you are following a balanced diet and doing regular exercise, you are most likely approved to have a fat free life. However, so many people do not follow a regime or maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are most prone to obesity.

With the signs of obesity in your body, these buy 1 get 1 food joint offers can be life-threatening to you. These foods are mostly smeared with grease, which is a huge amount of fat. When you’re already suffering from the same issue, your clothes don’t fit anymore. These foods should be on your ‘no’ list. No matter how much you salivate after these offers, your body won’t listen to your ‘do not get fat!’ requests.

If your taste buds can’t control your urges, you are most likely to become obese. However, obesity is curable. You can get a bariatric surgery and get rid of the discomfort you are facing.

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