Can Obesity Kill? – Few Common Frequently Asked Question Regarding Obesity

Obesity has many aspects that are little known by most people. The basic thing that obesity is an illness, itself is not known by many people. As we are observing World Obesity Day, here we answer a few of the most basic frequently asked questions, all regarding obesity.

Is obesity an illness?

Yes, it does fulfill all the criterions of being termed as an illness. It makes the individual suffer both physically and mentally. It degrades the quality of life and also brings many other associated illness.

Can obesity kill?

Obesity itself cannot kill an individual. However, obesity almost never comes alone. It brings several other unwanted complications. These include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes type 2, sleep apnea, respiratory disorders and many kinds of cancer. Thus, even though it will not directly kill anyone, it might push them near it gradually.

Is obesity preventable?

Thankfully, yes. Obesity can be prevented effectively if an individual follows a healthy lifestyle of physical activities and a balanced diet. In fact, if parents encourage their children to follow such a lifestyle from childhood itself, the possibility of obesity can be eliminated altogether, unless some other medical condition triggers it.

Is obesity curable?

Thankfully, yes. Often taking precautions is quite challenging and many people fall into the traps of obesity. Moreover, when an individual is already obese, it is most difficult to lose weight through conventional approaches. Obesity can be cured with the help of obesity surgery. It is also known as weight loss or reduction surgery and can resolve the obesity-associated illnesses along with its main root ‘obesity’ also.

How do you measure obesity?

There are several parameters to evaluate the ideal body weight range to estimate the prevalence of obesity. However, BMI is the most widely accepted one. It is the ratio of an individual’s body weight to the square of their height. The results are in terms of number. When it exceeds 30, the individual is classified as obese.

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