Case Study – How Dieting Often Does Not Solve Obesity

One in every 5 Indians is either obese or overweight. This startling sentence itself depicts the severity of his global threat in India. The preventive measure of obesity often includes a healthy diet and ample amount of physical activities. Indeed, the first word that strikes mind for effective weight loss is dieting. But most of the patient undergoing bariatric surgery lately speaks against it.

Let’s understand it through the help of a case study.

Mr. Subham Karnik is a businessman who aspires to achieve success with his wits and dedication. However, extra pounds always slowed him down. He decided to take action and searched for weight loss method. He found a dieting site featuring an agency that claims to help lose up to 40 kgs in merely 12 months. Moreover, since the organization was celebrating its supposedly 5th inauguration anniversary they offered 15 percent discount, as long as Mr. Karnik gets register within the next 2 days.

He found this offer to be too lucrative to miss. He immediately made the payment through online transaction. Subsequently, he was called to the orientation class on the following weekend. He went and found several fellow candidates who registered for weight loss diet as well.

The class began with so many smiling faces of people in charge. They spoke for about an hour and a half. It included very convincing diet plan along with the amount of weight loss that was possible in each month. He befriends a couple who were fellow members of the course. The trio made a pact to ensure they all follow the diet guidelines properly.

After estimating the BMI and other factors for each of the individual, they were all given a file with a diet chart. They were asked to follow the guidelines properly and to come for a follow up after 6 weeks precisely. Mr. Karnik did his best for the duration, but he began to feel dizziness from time to time and also had to take oral medication for the mouth ulcers, which occurred to him after ages.

During his regular dental checkup, his dentist concluded that his diet lacks vitamins altogether and asked immediately to take a few supplements to compensate for it. The weighing scale in the clinic even confirmed he did not lose any significant body weight either. When he contacted the couple he befriends, he found to his surprise that the diet pan did not work for them either. Moreover, the lady even lost consciousness a couple of time in the past 4 weeks.

Then Mr. Karnink decided to go for a more reliable approach and finally got onboard with obesity surgery. Now, after 10 months for the surgery, he is a changed man, enjoying life more than ever before.

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