Finding Stretch Marks On Your Belly Recently? Know What Might Be The Cause

One day you take a good look at your self-proclaimed ‘not-so-bad-shaped’ body in the mirror. The curves and flaps look the same, but wait, isn’t that a stretch mark right across the belly? It looks like an injury, but it isn’t. Stretch marks are stripe-like things on the skin, predominantly on the abdomen that arises due to persistent tension on the skin. It is most prevalent among women during and after pregnancy and also among overweight and obese individuals. It is often harmless in nature, but it should be addressed with more caution. It is a secret sign from your body that it is accumulating more weight than it can handle. In fact, most of the people who seek fat loss surgery later in their life started their journey of plus size with several noticeable stretch marks on their body.

The stretch marks, at first, appears as the first sign of the accumulation of too much belly fat. They appear as a thin line or multiple lines across the belly. At first, they appeared red or pink in appearance. It literally shouts for you to drop pounds. If you successfully do so, the chance of dissolving the marks with lotion is high. However, if you don’t address the same on time, the marks will become kind of permanent. Often it elongates in length and also increases in number over the time. Moreover, the color of the stretch mark often turns to white or silver. Needless to say, they are more challenging to get rid of.

stretch marks

Apart from just looking bad on the skin, they also bring additional complications such as severe itching and rarely burning sensation. This is mainly due to the fact that the body is producing more new skin to accommodate for your expanding body contour. You will feel these discomforts often conjugated with other dermatological condition as well when new skin generates gradually. In many cases, if you fail to address your obesity and the stretch marks become your inseparable identity, it also enhances your chances of having a hernia in the future.

Usually, the individual who gains significant weight within a short duration mostly notices them the most. However, it is also found in obese teens and children as well. Thankfully, it can be treated effectively with a bariatric surgery. If you are facing the same issue, get in touch with our SRC certified experts.