Go For Low-Calorie Diet This Festive Season

Dussehra and Diwali, both are main festivals in India and needless to say, is celebrated in extreme enthusiasm and spirit. It is a time of having sweets and snack at home, hang out with friends, and at a relative’s place as well. Among these happy feast days, several individuals let loose on the count on calories and add several pounds to their body weight. Though it seems harmless considering it lasts for a few days only, as per obesity surgery doctors, this practice can have consequences in a long run.

In order to help you stay in shape, we provide few simple guidelines for it.

1. Eat as per wish but in lesser quantity

In the festive time, it would be extremely challenging to survive on soups and salads. So, eating the favorite sweets and snacks are okay as long as it is being consumed in small quantity. Let it be sugar loaded laddoos of deep fried snack, a small amount won’t do as much bad as huge proportions.

Eat as per wish but in lesser quantity

2. Make food at home, if possible

Though everyone cannot be a master chef, the recipe for every food item is available online these days. Unlike the ones, available at shops, a homemade sweet can be prepared with a lesser quantity of sugar. In fact, several substituents like maple syrups or honey for sugar, or skimmed milk for full cream milk.

Make food at home

3. Customize the deep-fried snack

The snacks of festive time often act as the meal itself. So, instead of adding ghee and other fatty substance, go for little swaps. Such as adding spinach and fenugreek in several curries and adding portions of soya, ragi etc along with wheat flour for fries. Not only it will limit the number of negative nutrients in, but also it will give a new, unique taste.

Customize the deep-fried snack

4. Don’t skip exercise

While in taking more than usual calories in the festive spirit, most people skip their regular exercise as well. This practice is strictly prohibited by obesity surgery doctors. Instead, it is recommended to do 10 min extra workout to compensate for the heavy consumption of calories.

Don't skip exercise

5. Drink plentiful water

Drinking water in an adequate amount not only keeps the body hydrated and nourished but also it leaves lesser space for junk food as compared to having caffeine-loaded beverages like coffee. Moreover, it deals with the false hunger and overeating out of boredom and gluttony.

Drink plentiful water

By following the above-mentioned guidelines, one can make their Diwali, both enjoyable and healthy.

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