Health Complications Associated With a Pear-Shaped Obese Person

We have already discussed the difference between pear and apple shaped obese body. Both these body types are due to obesity and thus, it is an alarming sign to have either of them.

However, the majority number of patients with an imminent need for bariatric surgery has been found to have a pear-shaped body.

Let’s have a look at the medical complications associated with a pear-shaped body.

1. Metabolic Syndrome

It refers to a group of a condition, related to the metabolism of an individual, which, in the case gets out of limit, can lead to several other complications. The metabolic conditions are mostly related to abdominal obesity such as a high profile of fat content, blood sugar, blood pressure and high cholesterol. The conditions it gives rise to, in future are type 2 diabetes, coronary heart diseases, stroke etc.

Even though the chances of the above-mentioned disease are prevented among other obese patients as well, their chances are maximum for pear-shaped obese individuals.

2. Varicose veins

It refers to the medical condition when the veins get enlarged and twisted due to elasticity. If left untreated, it will eventually cause a bi-directional flow of blood. In pear-shaped obese individuals, it seems very often in the legs, thighs, hips, and butts, due to excessive accumulation of fat.

3. Osteoporosis

It refers to the medical condition in which the strength and ideal mass of the bone drops significantly. This increases the chances of bone fracture even as a result of a small accident. The obese individuals with a pear-shaped body are more susceptible to develop osteoporosis, as compared to obese individuals with an apple shaped body. Especially women with a pear-shaped body become highly susceptible to develop osteoporosis after menopause.

4. Cellulite

It refers to the medical condition in which the skin appears as if it has a fat deposition underneath the skin makes it look lumpy and wrinkled. Even the medical terminology for the cellulite is gynoid lipodystrophy. The term is somewhat synonymous with pear-shaped body type. It is very commonly seen in patients seeking bariatric surgery for obesity.

Thus, the pear-shaped individuals are vulnerable to many medical illnesses. Getting a bariatric surgery is often advised to unresolvable pear body shaped individuals. A timely measure can mitigate the above-mentioned risks significantly. Even if it is not completely eliminated for few individuals, it can be controlled.

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