How Do You Know When You Have Transitioned From Overweight To Obese?

So many people are suffering from obesity these days. However, not everyone who gains excessive weight is obese. Obese people need a weight reduction surgery or a bariatric operation to get back into normal life. While overweight people necessarily do not need a surgery.

The condition of having excess weight than normal is known as overweight and obesity. However, there are several differences between being overweight and being obese. Let’s understand some of the differences in details.

Differences Based on their Definition:

Being overweight is having a body weight more than normal for an individual’s age, height, and sex. However, being obese implies that the individual having an excess amount of body fat and Body Mass Index above 30.

Differences based on BMI Range:

BMI or Body Mass Index is a ratio of the weight and the height of an individual, in order to determine their ideal body weight with respect to their height. For an overweight individual, the BMI ideally ranges between 25 to 29.9. And an individual is considered obese if they have a BMI that is over 30.

Differences based on Risk Factors:

There is a certain risk of being overweight and it enhances more being obese. Being overweight have chances of getting encountered with depression, high blood pressure. Obese persons are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, depression etc.

Differences Based on Causes:

Overweight can onset either due to heredity or why taking foods more than what is required by the body. Obese people usually have more intake of fast foods, along with hormonal imbalances. Moreover, their sedentary lifestyle, stress, and depression often cause obesity as well.

Differences based on Treatments and Remedies:

Overweight people need to exercise and reduce the intake of fast food as a possible remedy. Treatments and remedies for obese people often include the obesity surgery.

These are the differences between overweight and obese. However, let’s not be so sure that you are not obese. if you follow an irregular lifestyle, or if your family has a history of obese, you might suffer from obesity secretly.