How Excessive Weight Adversely Affects the Skin?

Having obesity imperils the health of an individual in multiple ways. It is easy to find its correlation with diabetes, joint pain, and heart diseases, but most of the patients undergoing bariatric surgery admit to having multiple skin conditions as well.

Let’s understand in detail few most common skin conditions associated with excess weight.

1. Stretch marks

Rapid weight gain leads to the appearance of stretch marks on the body. At first, it is just on the belly and waist, but with time, it starts to appear on the thighs, arms, and chest as well. Initially, it can be spotted in color pink, but as they stay on the body, it transforms to white. Furthermore, it can get wrinkled over a prolonged period of time.

It is very tricky to treat or resolve a stretch mark. Bio oil might help to control it a little, but severe stretch mark can be resolved only through chemical bleach and laser treatment.

2. Varicose veins

With the increase in body weight, the pressure on the epidermal blood vessel increases as well. In case of prolonged obesity, several times the surface capillaries rupture, this condition gives rise to the presence of varicose veins. In extreme cases, it can cause a blood clot and require medical attention.

It can be managed temporarily by heat compression and suitable garments, but it can only be resolved permanently through adequate weight loss.

3. Folds and creases

Having excess weight leads to forming folds and creases on the skin. This folds trap moisture and thus act as a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and yeast. It ends up causing redness, inflammation, and infection. It becomes a repetitive scenario even with a good personal hygiene. It is the most common complication faced by patients undergoing o0besity surgery.

There is no way of resolving folds and creases without losing significant weight. The infections can be kept at bay only through maintaining hygiene.

4. Corn and Calluses on foot

Corns and calluses on foot can happen due to some other reasons like wrong footwear or underlying condition of the foot as well. However, exerting extra pressure on the foot leads to the formation and advancement of corns and calluses.

Routine pedicure and well-fitted shoes can control it the formation of it.

Apart from these skin conditions, many other complications arise with excessive weight. Thus staying in shape is always recommended.

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