Is Obesity A Rich Man’s Illness – A Comparative Study

Until 5-6 decades ago, obesity was considered as an illness only those with high bank balance can ‘afford’ to have. The most common image of obesity was linked to a fat child, feasting upon cupcakes, or a rich man lying off the entire day. In general, it was a disease only people of high economic strata can ‘afford’ to have. But as per the statistics of obesity treatment sought in India in the past few decades, the socio-economic strata is not a relevant factor anymore. Let’s discuss that in details.

The prevalence of obesity is reinforced by the fact that one out of every 5 Indians is either overweight or obese. It counts for 20 % Indian population with unhealthy body weight. The people who are suffering from obesity are increasing in both urban and rural areas rapidly. In fact, the count of people who are both obese and have lower income is very high as compared to their counterpart with higher income range. The reason being, people with better financial support and awareness can easily seek effective obesity treatment. Several obesity surgery doctors confirm to have most patients seeking weight loss surgery belonging from the urban as compared to the ones from the rural.

The abundance of fast food is the main reason for the obesity. The fast food industries, these days are offering highly processed foods as combo meals, buy 1-get 1, and other lucrative offers that seem a lot cheaper than healthier food options such as fresh vegetables and fruits. Thereby, the fast food is a lot more affordable and fits in every common man’s purchasing capacity. Thus, these are consumed by many people, irrespective of their overall financial status.

Lack of physical exercise is yet another culprit causing obesity. People, these days, irrespective of their economic strata have busier, more hectic work life. As a result, they get very limited to no time for physical exercise. As a result, it contributes more to the unbalanced calorie intake-burn proportion, contributing towards extra pounds. Moreover, once obesity is already in action, it is likely to bring its associated complications, in which the joint pain and inflammation is quite common. With these conditions, it is often not possible to lose weight through exercise either.

In a nutshell, the obesity does not distinguish between people as per their ‘affordability’. The only way to keep it at the bay is by making healthier diet and lifestyle choices. Thus, obesity surgery doctors recommend every individual to take special care of their health and body weight.