Is Take Away Food Making You Fat Indirectly

How many times have you had an unplanned, late night meal in front of TV or cell phone, just because you paid for the full plate at a restaurant, but couldn’t have? So you brought the rest of it for eating at home? More than you can count right now, right? Though it might look like a good idea, in reality, it is secretly pushing you towards obesity, which often ends up being so complicated, that it needs bariatric surgery to correct it.

Let’s understand in details how this happens.

The lining of the stomach send the signals through the hormones leptin and ghrelin. The prior hormone sends the signal of hunger to the brain when the stomach is almost empty. The brain then indicates the body to consume food. While eating the food, it begins to store the food and the other hormone ghrelin send a signal to the brain indicating it is full. Thus the individual feels state and stops eating.


The same thing happens during restaurant meals as well. The food industries offer a larger food size at much cheaper price, luring people to order food in larger proportion. These mostly include the combo meal offer, or buy one and get free the other item, kind of schemes. Thus, after the entire food process completes, the person stops eating but notices the presence of more food on the platter. Then in order to enjoy every worth of the money, the individual does either of the two things. Many patients undergoing bariatric surgery have confirmed the same during their treatment.

The individual overlooks the satisfaction of food and keeps stuffing their mouths till the platter is empty. This causes overeating and eventually gains weight. The other way involves carrying out the extra food as take away. This food has a shelf life and usually cannot be stored for the next day meal. The individual then completes the meal on the same day itself, while doing leisure activity, such as watching Tv or chatting with friends over the phone.

Bariatric Surgery

As a result, the overall intake of food is much more than actually it was supposed to be. Once in a while, the habit does not make any effect on the body. However, following the practice for a long time period will definitely result in being overweight and eventually obese.

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