Is Your Fat Valentine Making You Fat as Well?

Love is in the air with Valentine’s day around the corner. While there are several positive aspects of having a loved one in life, their contributions, sometimes, can be seen on the waistline as well. Yes, it is often prevalent that having a fat/obese valentine, let it be your spouse, fiance or even a longtime girlfriend/boyfriend can make you look for XXL clothes as well.

As a matter of fact, 6 out of 10 obese people that seek bariatric surgery have an over or at least an overweight spouse as well. Let’s try to understand the reasons behind the same.

1. Unhealthy lifestyle is contagious

Let it be eating fast food together, or skipping the gym for a movie, unhealthy lifestyle is very tempting and highly contagious. Many times, even a health-conscious individual let loose on their routine self and gets influenced by their lazy loved ones. Ideally, the reverse scenario would help them both to stay fit and healthy, mostly it is wishful thinking, rather than a reality.

2. Influencing eating habits/portions

This mostly affects women as they often tend to eat in smaller portions and eat slowly as compared to men. While eating together, often this difference gap thin down a lot, over the course of time. Moreover, if you are a woman, no doubt, you must have heard these complement from your man. “Is that all you are going to have?”, “you will faint one day, with this food portion”, “don’t nibble like a squirrel, take a real bite”, “salad is a side dish, NOT a meal!”. After a point of time, you start believing and adapting them too.

3. No need to behave/ impress anymore

While the initial time of dating, looking good and behaving etiquette is very important to impress the other one. After spending ages together, these ‘formal cautions’ kicked away from the life, particularly from the dictionary of married couples. It is replaced by eating out of the jar instead of pouring the plate and let loose on pounds bulging around the waist.

Though it is wonderful indeed to find a person, accepts you, despite your physical appearance, the benefits of staying in shape has immense perks of its own. So, give it your best shot to stay healthy and in case, things got out of hand, you can always rely on the bariatric surgery procedure for corrections.

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