Why Obesity Among Youth is Crucial to Address on Time!

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference”. As rightly said by Aristotle, the youth is the future of the nation. Their health and well being ensures a bright future for the nation ahead as well. But sadly, since the past couple of decades, the body weight of too many youths is taking control of their health and development.

Moreover, as per statistical research of bariatric surgery in India, many youths are coming ahead, looking for a permanent cure for their prolong obesity. Obesity has many disadvantages for any individuals, but for youth, it is a nothing less than a major disadvantage. Particularly due to their career paths. In this competitive market, only good scorecards are not sufficient in order to bag one’s dream job.


A youth these days must be physically active, mentally alert, willing to bend the office hours or parameters in order to secure and keep a decent job. Having obesity not only make them look less attractive but also slows them doing physically and mentally a compared to the youth with normal body weight. Moreover, having

There are few job roles, such as air hostess, cabin crew, modeling, hosting a travel show, etc which requires their candidates to look fit and attractive more than any other qualification. In a nutshell is a fat rule out the chances of getting recruited for these job role is not possible in this era, with so much workforce abundantly available.

Moreover, obesity has many-associated illnesses that tag along with it. These include sleep apnea, fatigue, joint pain, blood sugar, respiratory disorders and high pressure and cholesterol etc. Dealing with such things can easily cause absenteeism from work from time to time. This may not only result in incompetence but also can lead to substitution at the workforce.


Thus, it is vital that young people try their best to save themselves from the trap of obesity. The preventive measure is undoubtedly the better approach. However, living in the world of junk food and leisure, often that does not remain a very feasible option. Thus the corrective measure of bariatric surgery must be availed as the permanent solution for the same.

The result of the surgical procedure is even better for the young patients, as they recover sooner than older individuals and thus are highly advised by obesity surgeons these days.

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