Obesity And Breast Cancer – Are They Associated With One Another?

Obesity is a leading case of death all around the world, and so is breast cancer. As per obesity surgery doctors, obesity does not distinguish between people, as per demographics, race, ethnicity or other factors, as long as they follow an unhealthy lifestyle and diet chart. Similarly, breast cancer too is not picky while claiming lives all across the globe. Sometimes, heredity is the factor, sometimes, lifestyle, and many times, it is entirely due to some other underlying medical illness. Through, for obvious reason, women are at exceptionally high risk of having breast cancer, several men are also being diagnosed with breast cancer in recent years.

Not every breast cancer patient is obese, neither is every obese woman, a patient suffering from breast cancer. Even so, prolonged obesity has been identified as a risk factor for developing breast cancer in the future. Let’s understand its relevance in details.

Obesity is a condition in which the body starts to accumulate excessive fat in the body. This fat decomposition occurs in a few particular spots, more prominent than the others. These areas are the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, hips, and breasts, predominantly in women, but morbidly obese men have disproportionately large chest contour too. Thereby, obese individuals, let’s assume women predominantly, have larger than usual breast size.

The breasts are the organs that are present in both genders, but it becomes prominent in women after hitting the puberty. It consists of mammary glands that help a new mother, nurses her infant. It is normal for the amount of breast tissue to increase during pregnancy, and stages of nursing. But breast cancer onsets when the cell growth occurring is malignant in nature. When an individual starts to put on much more body weight, the breast increases too, and so is its chances of it being malignant in nature.

Many of the patients being diagnosed with breast cancer have also been found to be clinically obese. In fact, as per obesity surgery doctors, many other types of cancer have been found to be associated with prolonged obesity. As we are observing the month of October as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’, on behalf of ILS Bariatric Care, we urge every bulky individual to take special care of their respective body weight. We recommend everyone to have a healthy and disease free body. Evaluate your BMI now and seek help from the experts of ILS Bariatric Care, if needed.