Obesity & Diabetes – How Is Obesity Interlinked To Diabetes?

There was a time when obesity was considered as an illness of aged people usually more than 50 years. Though the likelihood does elevates along with age factor, today even younger individual aging less than 30 are also becoming susceptible to it. According to doctors performing weight loss surgery in India, close association has been found between obesity and diabetes. Especially the accumulation of fat around abdominal region is known to trigger diabetes mellitus type 2.

Obesity and Diabetes

Though the exact cause for onset of diabetes is not entirely known, being obese or even overweight, significantly increases the chances of having it. An individual above ideal weight (BMI more than 30) is 80 percent more likely to get affected with it as compares to an individual with ideal body weight (BMI less than 25).

There are three ways in which obesity can trigger diabetes type 2-

1. The inflammatory response

The excessive abdominal fat leads the fat cells to secrete a chemical substance called ‘pro-inflammatory’. This causes hindrance to the body responsiveness towards the insulin produced by pancreas. With time the body loses its ability to respond to insulin, and reach to a diabetes mellitus type 2, and the stage is called ‘insulin resistance’.

2. The ER suppression

Obesity also results in stress in the cellular membrane known as ER (Endoplasmic Reticulum), which makes the ER to suppress the insulin receptor signals. Thus causing insulin resistance.

3. The metabolic function hindrance

Obesity also trigger severe changes in the metabolic function of the body. These causes the adipose tissues to release its fat content in the blood stream. This condition for a prolonged time period can induce insulin insensitivity and finally insulin resistance.

How can diabetes be prevented along with obesity?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by consuming balanced diet and regular exercise can assure a good health and can keep obesity and diabetes at bay. But once one becomes affected with it, dieting and exercise does not remain the most feasible solution due to several factors. Weight loss surgery in India remains the most effective solution for the same.

Diabetes Treatment

It is a surgical approach by which the digestive system of the individual is altered and thus it enables him to lose significant weight loss in considerably short time period. Moreover, it also enables the individual to get rid of several associated disorders such as diabetes. A reduction of 5 percent of overall body weight leads to 50 percent lesser risk of having diabetes mellitus type 2.