Pain Around The Heel – A Hidden Sign of Obesity

Obesity is a medical condition in which an individual often accumulates an excessive amount of fat in their body. It becomes a medical threat when it acts as a breeding ground for many other associated complications. Even though many patients undergoing obesity surgery, claims to gain weight rapidly, within a very short period of time, often it is due to the fact that they ignore hidden signs of obesity.

Let’s discuss in details, one such hidden symptom of overweight and often the imminent obesity. It is the constant pain around the heel.

The body comprises a skeletal system. It is a network of bones, and joints of bones and muscle, which provide stability to the posture and body weight. With time, the pressure on these joints increases as the body weight does. Under normal conditions, the joints endure and support the body weight quite efficiently. However, in case the person keep accumulating excessive body weight, things change drastically.


The joints of the lower extremities, which is the legs, suffer the most. It comprises pain around the knee, pain around ankle and pain around the heel. After a period of time, the joint begun to encounter recurring or persistent pain. The pain around the heel is the most alarming sign of the obesity because the chances of having a pain in knee or ankle could be a result of some bone mineral deficiency as well. The same often does not hold true for the heel.

The heel endures the most of the body weight and the earliest sign of excessive weight gain can be realized by the onset of persistent pain around the heel. Many obese patients have confirmed experiencing pain and discomfort in their heel. This not only caused trouble in day to day life but also limited their what little physical activities they followed earlier. As a result, in long run, the condition leads to accumulation of more fat in the body. So, overall, it mitigates the scope of conventional approaches to reducing significant weight, which leaves bariatric surgery as the only feasible option.

In a nutshell, having a persistent pain in the heel, is without a doubt, a hidden sign of obesity. A sudden emergence of it, without any injury or other possible explanation, should be calibrated carefully. Ignorance of this symptom can have severe consequences.

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