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9 Tips to Cut Down Calories and Lose Weight on this Diwali

Make the festive season lit and glamorous without any unnecessary ‘weight’! Diwali is one of the biggest festivals observed in India. As per several obesity surgery doctors, often it is seen that we end up putting on weight during such festive seasons by binge eating and ignoring our daily health regime. Diwali means no work, no school or college and lots of fun! Amidst all these, we tend to forget the most important factor that is our health. All credit goes to those fun eating, outing, gulping sweets and goodies along with no stress and almost NIL physical exercises because of the holiday. As a result, we face post-holiday lethargy, weight gain, and gastric problems. Always remember that your carefree enjoyment can make your health suffer. Even it can be an alarming sign of obesity. Hence, we should learn a few ways to NOT go off the track on this Diwali. Here you go. For maintaining a balance between health

Watch Out This Festive Season As It Might Lead You Towards Weight Gain

This time of the year is rather special as it brings several festive seasons. On one hand, it gives the scope of unlimited pandal-hopping with family and friends. Also, it gives people to stay connected to their roots while performing rituals and festivals. In every way, it helps people gain a lot. Lots of fun, good memories, and unfortunately excess pounds as well. Obesity surgery doctor affirms that weight gain is very prevalent among most people during this time. Let’s understand two different scenarios of the same. Extra Treats And Weight Gain Pandal hopping with friends and family is incomplete without binging on literally whatever you see, which is both available and affordable. Needless to say, it rarely includes a green salad and highly processed fast food occupies a rather significant portion of these food items. This binge eating adds a few pounds around the belly and also kind of evokes the ‘secret greedy self’ that loves to feast upon

Obesity And Breast Cancer – Are They Associated With One Another?

Obesity is a leading case of death all around the world, and so is breast cancer. As per obesity surgery doctors, obesity does not distinguish between people, as per demographics, race, ethnicity or other factors, as long as they follow an unhealthy lifestyle and diet chart. Similarly, breast cancer too is not picky while claiming lives all across the globe. Sometimes, heredity is the factor, sometimes, lifestyle, and many times, it is entirely due to some other underlying medical illness. Through, for obvious reason, women are at exceptionally high risk of having breast cancer, several men are also being diagnosed with breast cancer in recent years. Not every breast cancer patient is obese, neither is every obese woman, a patient suffering from breast cancer. Even so, prolonged obesity has been identified as a risk factor for developing breast cancer in the future. Let’s understand its relevance in details. Obesity is a condition in which the body starts to accumulate excessive

Extra Pounds Making Your Heart Extra Tired – Lose Weight Now, For Good!

Having extra feels good, isn’t it? But sadly, it is not true when it comes to having extra pounds around the belly. Having excess weight is termed obesity and is associated with numerous other illnesses. Several cardiovascular ailments are particularly associated with putting on excess weight. Let’s understand in details, how obesity exhausts the heart and causes heart ailments. The heart is a rather special organ performing the crucial functions of pumping and circulating blood to the body. The average size of the heart of an individual is about the size of their fist. The heart pumps blood effectively as we grow up with age. However, once we start putting excessive body weight, the heart endures extra pressure and thus several cardiac discomforts start to onset. In fact, heart fibrillation and arrhythmia is quite common among any overweight individual. As per obesity surgery doctor, diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, palpitation, and other heart and chest discomforts are

Fun Indian Breakfast Ideas For Each Day Of The Week To Cut Calories

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper!” This is a well-known quote that briefs what our ideal food should be like. According to obesity surgery doctors, it has been found that skipping or having unhealthy breakfast often leads to several digestive issues, which affects the overall health. Moreover, skipping breakfast inevitably leads to binging on fast food in the later time of the day, which, in turn, causes obesity. As we are observing the National Nutrition Week from 1st to 7th September, here we present 7 typical, healthy breakfast that will help you keep calories at bay. We have kept the dishes ‘Indian’ as it is most easily available and more healthy. Monday – Dalia Start your day with a plentiful bowl of dalia. It is the best possible food to keep you charged for the morning after the Sunday off. Tuesday – Sprouts A bowl full of fresh salad of sprouts with

Binging And Purging – Why This Weight Loss Mantra Is A Must-Avoid

If you simply type the terms ‘weight loss tips’, the internet will flood with hundreds of results. The concept of ‘binging and purging’ is kind of new thing that is being adopted by many people in the western countries. It is considered as a weight loss tip, but obesity surgery doctors and any sane person even with a minute knowledge of the human body and diet strictly argues against it. Let’s understand what it is, in details. The practice comprises of 2 events, namely the binging and the purging. As the terms, itself suggests the binging comprises of mindless eating in a short period of time and many overweight individuals are quite familiar with it. Purging, on the other hand, means getting rid of and is practiced by removing the food from the body as soon as possible. As most of you are familiar that digestion takes about 6-8 hours and a total of 10-12 hours to eliminate from the

Why So Many People Travel to India for Obesity Surgery

India is a place with huge diversity. For the same reason, many foreign tourists visit India. These days, many of the foreign patients come down to India for availing obesity surgery in India as well. We call this as medical tourism when a patient travels all the way to a foreign land in order to avail treatment. But why come all the way down to India for getting rid of obesity? Easily getting a Visa is simply and factor, but hereby we present the three main reasons for the same. Economy of India The economy of India is more budget-friendly as compared to a significant number of developed nations. Thus the citizens of these nations find it financially more suitable for undergoing obesity surgery in India as compared to their own homeland. Th cost for availing obesity surgery in India is almost half to a quarter as compared to that of in their own land. Availability of options India is

Importance of World Obesity Day

Joyce Meyer was absolutely right while stating, “ I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” Indeed, what could be better than having a disease-free body and mind? But sadly, many diseases find their way to our bodies from time to time. Some of them like cold, infection and flu are inevitable but several other like diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain etc are the complimentary gift that comes with the obesity. Obesity surgery doctors advice to keep the body weight in check, so that obesity does not imprison it. The count of obesity has more than doubled in the past three decades. At present, more than 2 billion adults come under the category overweight, out of which 620 million are clinically obese. At this current pace, the count will reach to 2.7 billion by the year 2025. Several obese individuals are unaware of the disease they are exposed to, due

Is Your Skinny Jeans Encouraging Your Obesity?

The fashion defines us, particularly in this current, fashion-obsessed world. Among the new trendy arrivals of apparel, the skinny jeans seem to have found an everlasting place. To boost the sale, the clothes manufacturers are providing nowadays, skinny pair of jeans for people of every size, including overweight and obese individuals. These skinny jeans hold the lose, fatty skin and improve the aesthetic of the body. Though it might look like a solution, (at least for a time being) for excess body weight and fat, several obesity surgery doctors recommend against it. Let’s understand the main two reason supporting the same. The biological effect Obesity surgery doctor points out that the skin tight jeans hold the muscle of the legs, buttock and abdominal region very tightly. This practice, in a long run, begins to substitute the purpose of muscle. It may sound relaxing, but it posses severe side effects. After a period of time, the muscles begin to loose their

Go For Low-Calorie Diet This Festive Season

Dussehra and Diwali, both are main festivals in India and needless to say, is celebrated in extreme enthusiasm and spirit. It is a time of having sweets and snack at home, hang out with friends, and at a relative’s place as well. Among these happy feast days, several individuals let loose on the count on calories and add several pounds to their body weight. Though it seems harmless considering it lasts for a few days only, as per obesity surgery doctors, this practice can have consequences in a long run. In order to help you stay in shape, we provide few simple guidelines for it. 1. Eat as per wish but in lesser quantity In the festive time, it would be extremely challenging to survive on soups and salads. So, eating the favorite sweets and snacks are okay as long as it is being consumed in small quantity. Let it be sugar loaded laddoos of deep fried snack, a small