Western Food and Obesity Prevalence in India

The number of people looking for bariatric surgery in India is increasing day by day. The lack of physical exercise and intake of high-calorie food are the main causes of the same. In fact, the rate of obesity has increased drastically since the past few decades. The outbreak of fast food happened during the same timeline as well. These fast food have originally originated from the western countries, predominantly.

How is western food different from Indian food platter? Not entirely if you consider the raw materials, but the procession matters a lot.

An Indian diet consists of either rice or Indian bread, along with a bowl of dal and vegetable, occasionally with a dish of egg, fish or meat. The western diet mostly consists of pizza or burger, or a sandwich with a cold drink and french fries.

Western Food Obesity

Even though the Indian platter uses several deep-fried kinds of stuff as well, it also consists of plain rice as the main staple food. The western pattern on the other hand, mostly includes deep-fried chips and other snacks, without any bowl of rice or brown bread.

Thus, people going for Indian platter consumes lots of healthy food as well, that neutralizes the effect of deep-fried stuff. The same does not occur for a western diet.

The value of nutrition plays an important role as well. The Indian platter uses a lot of spice and oil. But the meal consists of the wide range of vegetable and each of them has its own set of benefits. Thereby, the individual gets every nutrient inadequate amount. This keeps the person full and satiate and makes him seek for other supplementary diets in between meals.


The exact opposite thing happens in case of western diet and it makes the individual look for supplementary food as well. These snacks are often the junk food loaded with fatty food such as cheese and mayonnaise.

Thus, western food is the highly influencing factor for the increasing number of obesity in Indians. Though it is not fully accurate as many individuals who do not consume western diet is becoming obese too. But if we compare the statistics of the increasing number of overweight and obese people, based on their food habits, the point of overconsumption of junk, western food cannot be overlooked completely. Thereby, it is encouraged to go for local, freshly prepared food instead of processed, fast food.

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