What Exercises To Practice Post Your Weight Loss Surgery? Answering Your Question!

After a successful bariatric operation, most patients are advised to have a change in their diet plan. Moreover, they are required to follow a progressive and consistent exercise routine. Exercise is very important for a patient of bariatric surgery since it provides effective mental and physical health benefits and also increases the effectiveness of the surgery.

What kind of exercises, you need to do?

The following three exercises, you must follow if you are a bariatric surgery patient.

Exercise for Endurance:

In this step, you should start your routine including a walking plan. Count your steps with a pedometer. Set a clip on the meter and walk for 25-30 minutes in a day. Make sure that you are spreading your walk throughout the day, not just at a particular time. When you will get tired, stop walking and take rest.

In the second step, you got to try a little more difficult exercise. Need not to fear! Here, you would be suggested to march on a trampoline. In absence of a trampoline, you may try to do the same on the normal ground. However, do it very carefully.

Exercise for Flexibility:

Stretching and becoming flexible should be the goals for any post-bariatric surgery patient. You may feel a burning sensation around your muscles but try to go a little far beyond that. Obviously, don’t make yourself hurt, rather take breaths consistently and deeply while stretching. You can also try some free-hand Yoga.

These will help you to improve coordination. Your muscles will get more blood supply resulting in more energy and muscle strength and improve in chronic pains.

Exercise for Strengthening:

This three-legged exercise would start only after going through endurance and flexibility routine. In this step, one must include walking up and down the stairs, Yoga, swimming, slow-cycling, pedal exercise and trampoline for a good transition into this third step. Pick the one you are more comfortable with and get with it.

You can use few props to build strength.

Exercise balls: You can use them while sitting on them and watching television or working at the desk.

Body blade: To use this handheld bar, you need to grip the center with two hands and shake it back and forth. It is also a low-impact workout which is good for the joints.

Weights: If you are not comfortable, don’t try it. However, you can use light weights as a set of 1-4 pound dumbbells. Include carrying light weights while walking or doing some other jobs.

These are few to-do exercises for you! No matter what, ensure to do exercise post-surgery and always stick to the diet and exercise routine. Moreover, while exercising drink plenty of water and take short breaks. We will again come with more details about the post-weight loss surgery exercises in a while.

Please note, the level of suggested exercise vary greatly from patient to patient. A consultation is a must before starting any exercise.