4 Different Ways Obesity Can Affect A Pregnancy And Childbirth

Obesity can affect a person’s life in various ways. During pregnancy, a body goes through a lot. On top of that, if you are already suffering from obesity, it can bring more complications. Most doctors suggest that one should go back to their normal shape before becoming pregnant. Several women choose the option of obesity surgery in India to get back in shape. You should know before taking any kind of steps in what ways obesity can affect a pregnancy and childbirth. Read on to find out.

Miscarriage Or Stillbirth

Even though miscarriage can happen due to a lot of reasons but one of the major reasons is obesity. It has been observed that in many cases of miscarriage, the woman was suffering from obesity. Not only the IVF pregnancy but also normal pregnancy can get affected due to excess weight. On the other hand, even if in case you do not miscarry your baby, there are chances of stillbirth. Although the rate of stillbirth has lowered a lot in recent years, it still occurs and the cause ends up being obesity. The excess weight causes placental inflammation and dysfunction leading to stillbirth.

Cardiac Dysfunction

Obesity can cause heart problems but these problems can become life-threatening if you are pregnant. Cardiac dysfunction is basically heart failure which occurs when your heart is unable to pump enough blood due to various reasons. One of those reasons often turns out to be obesity. Regular pumping of blood and oxygen is very essential during pregnancy or it might harm both the mother and the baby.

Gestational Diabetes

You might all know that obesity can lead to diabetes in most cases. So, during pregnancy, the same can occur for an obese woman. This is known as gestational diabetes. When your body has too much blood sugar, it can cause harm. If not treated within time, it can lead to stillbirth. If your baby is born it might inherit diabetes or childhood obesity from you.


It is another condition that can occur due to obesity. Obesity can cause high blood pressure which in turn leads to preeclampsia. This is a life-threatening condition for the baby that normally occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy. It also means that some of your organs like the kidneys or the liver may not be working properly.

Now, we are not saying these complications will definitely arise if you are obese and pregnant. But most complicated cases have shown that obesity was the underlying cause. So, if you are obese trying to get pregnant, it is best to lose weight either by exercise and diet or with the help of obesity surgery.