A Brief About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Extra body weight always brings extra problems. It was quite challenging to resolve obesity permanently until the emergence of weight loss surgery. Today, however, the scenario has changed drastically. The Bariatric surgery procedures are improving lives in much better ways than ever before.

Today, let’s discuss one such processThe Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The gastric sleeve surgery is a weight loss procedure that works on the principle of restriction. The restriction principle help with effective weight loss by limiting the amount of food intake in the body. It is done by removing about 70-90 % of the stomach with the help of surgery. Only a thin banana-like stomach pouch is left intact.

How Gastric Sleeve Encourages Towards Weight Loss?

As already mentioned, the surgery removes most of the stomach and staple the little pouch in the system. This stomach pouch can now hold about 10 to 30% food, as it used to before the surgery. After the surgery, the individual is no longer being able to eat as much as before even if they want to.

How Gastric Sleeve Influence Hunger Hormones?

The gastric sleeve surgery encourages people to eat less than before. Let’s understand how.

The internal walls of the stomach have cells that produce hormones, namely ghrelin, and leptin. The ghrelin induces the sensation of hunger, while the leptin induces the sensation of satiation of food. When the stomach is reduced, the number of cells reduces significantly too. As a result, the amount of hunger hormones produced reduces significantly.

So, overall the sleeve gastric procedure makes people unable and unwilling to eat more, both these changes work wonderfully to attain weight loss. As a result, people eat much less when they eat and in much lesser frequency and intensity.

How Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve is Carried Out?

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive technique that carries out the procedure by using a few holes in the body. The surgery beings by making 4-5 minute holes in the abdominal region. The abdominal cavity is them pumped a little bit of carbon dioxide to create working space. A camera, light source, and other equipment are then inserted inside the cavity. These entire visuals are captured with the help if the camera and is projected on the screen.

The instruments can be moved as and when needed. A large portion is stomach is removed surgically and drawn out of the body. The remaining stomach pouch is carefully sealed and left intact. After the instruments are retracted back, the incisions are sewn, marking the successful completion of the surgery.

Who Needs Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The people who are dealing with obesity are advised to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery. This is a highly effective obesity surgery procedure that helps an individual lose weight and lead a much healthier life ahead.