A Brief Introduction of Lap Band Bariatric Surgery

Living an extra-large life is what most people desire, however, living with an extra large body is definitely not. Not only does it look unattractive, but it causes several complications as well. Diabetes type 2, sleep apnea, joint pain etc are only a few to name. Thankfully the emergence of weight loss surgery has proved itself as a life-saving procedure.

There are several types of bariatric surgery offered in healthcare facilities across Kolkata. However, lap band is one of the most favored technique. Let’s understand its procedure and scope in details.

The stomach holds the food and facilitates some of the digestion processes. The remaining of the digestion occurs in the small and large intestine. The lap band method uses a silicon rubber tube to tie the upper portion of the stomach. This tie-up causes the stomach to divide into two parts for the time being. This band can be adjusted by removing or adding salt water. This is done by a probe that is placed right under the skin, during the procedure. As a result, the size of the stomach pouches can be varied as per need.

The upper portion accounts for about 25 percent of the stomach, leaving the larger portion intact at the bottom. The food, after being consumed, passes through the food pipe and stays in the stomach. The smaller pouch of the stomach becomes the only space available for storage of food. Hence, the amount of food that one consumes decreases significantly. Moreover, the amount of secretion of hunger causing hormone decreases considerably, due to the procedure, as well. Overall, it helps to achieve significant weight loss.

After the desired goal of weight loss is achieved, the band is untied and removed from the body. Thus, it is one of the temporary weight loss surgery techniques that yields maximum weight loss in a particular period of time. Moreover, the term ‘lap’ signifies that it is done laparoscopically, making it even more advantageous. This procedure, being temporary, is favored by many individuals, particularly those, who don’t have to have a permanent change in their digestive system.

It is carried out only for a significant period of time, and after the desired weight loss is achieved, the probe is extracted back from the body. Following the post-op diet guidelines is extremely helpful to attain desirable weight loss. Thereby, the lap band is a very popular procedure for bariatric surgery in Kolkata.