The Procedures

What are the Types of Bariatric Surgery?

There are two types of Bariatric surgery:


  • Restrictive Procedure
    This aims at reducing the amount of food intake by leaving the patient in complete sate. (sleeve resection)


  • Malabsorptive / Combination
    This aims at the prevention of absorption of food by the patients. ( Roux – en – Y Gastric Bypass )

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It is considered to be much safer than all other form of surgeries. Here, 80 % of the patient’s stomach is stapled, which assist in weight loss by putting a restriction on the food intake and further early satieties, as it reduces the hunger hormones. In this case, the digestion and the absorption of food takes place at a normal space. The process is for 3 years, in which 50 % of the weight loss takes place in the 1st year and 70 to 80 % in the following two years.

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Here stapling is done to form a pouch in order to restrict the food consumption. A small part of the bowel is bypassed to delay the mixing of food with the digestive juices. The figures state that an average of 77 % of the body weight is lost after the surgery.

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