Role of Long Hours of Academic Engagement Towards Childhood Obesity

The count of obese individuals in India is rising day by day. The same can be confirmed by looking at the increasing statistics of obesity surgery in India. Typically a child is sent to preschool, and nursery since the age of three to four. It is basically done in order to keep them engaged for few hours a day and help them get to socialize with friends. This duration keeps increasing as the child grows up. By the child reach the age of 10, he/she is more likely to be attending 5th/6th standard of the schooling. At this stage, they attend 6 to 8 hours in school premises on an average. It takes at least 1-2 more hours in the transportation and 1-2 hours more on getting ready for school and retiring after returning to home. Thus, on an average, about 9 to 12 hours go by purely related to schooling and homework and projects allocated for home. Apart from

7 New Year Resolution That Never Going to Work Out for Weight Loss

Another year has passed and you are still carrying those extra pounds around your waist from last year right! Many morbidly obese individuals have undergone laparoscopic obesity surgery in order to kick away obesity, while overweight individuals are trying hard to kick away extra fat. Are you looking for a fresh new year resolution for weight loss again? In order to make them work, get rid of the one that is unlikely to be any good and instead try out a better resolution. Here we present some of the resolutions you need to throw away and replace them with more effective ones. Resolution 1 I will definitely lose 25 pounds Make realistic goals that can be achieved effectively. Having some fascinating, unrealistic expectations. will demotivate you from your overall goal. Revised resolution – try to lose 1 pound per week/ 10 days. Resolution 2 I would avoid breakfast in order to cut off calories Breakfast is an important meal of the

5 Tips to Make Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution Work

Another year has passed and most likely most of the overweight folks out there had no success in achieving their weight loss plan due to unrealistic resolution, most likely not to work out. If things are already out of hand, you require obesity surgery to fix, if not, how about trying these tips to achieve effective weight loss this year. Tip 1 – Set the right objective The first and foremost objective to achieve effective weight loss begins with the right resolutions. Having unrealistic expectations even before starting to work on it will ultimately disappoint you. Thus, it is important to have a right objective in mind before starting the weight loss regime altogether. Tip 2 – Dedicate yourself Consistency is the key to achieve any goal, including weight loss goal. Working hard for a week and giving up in the following week will not do any good in a long run. In fact, several patients undergoing obesity surgery have

Why India is Becoming a Medical Tourism Hub for Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is increasing at an alarming rate. For those, who are morbidly obese, at some point in time, bariatric surgery becomes inevitable in order to restore body weight and bodily functions. But not every nation is equally capable of executing these surgical procedures effectively. Bariatric surgery in India is gaining enormous popularity these days. It is becoming a medical tourism hotspot in the recent years. As per statistics, more and more people are making India, their destination for this surgical procedure and more than 100 bariatric procedures are being executed in all over India each day. Let’s discuss three main issues for the same. 1. Affordable expense The Indian economy is growing every year, but still, it is more economical as compared to more developed nations like US, Australia, and several European countries. Thus, the overall cost of undergoing bariatric surgery in India is just a fraction of what it would these above-mentioned countries. Thus, it attracts a large fraction

10 Quotes to Motivate You Towards Weight Loss

The number of bariatric surgery going in India is a clear indicator of the obesity epidemic in the present scenario. We bring you tips and treatment options, such as bariatric surgery for you from time to time. Today we present a series of quotes related to obesity, weight loss, and healthy body weight, in order to motivate you to lose weight and enjoy a fab self. So, here we go!! Share your favorite quote that motivates you to lose weight or simply make you laugh.

Who is Liable for Childhood Obesity?

The headcount of obesity infected individuals is rising at an alarming rate in most of the nations in the world, including India. In fact, there is an uplift in the number of individual seeking obesity surgery in India. Moreover, the age group being infected is no longer restricted to the adult individuals solely. Truly the children are falling into the trap of obesity quite easily these days. But the main question arises, that Who’s responsible for the same? Let’s make one thing clear beforehand, that who is certainly not the responsible party, the children themselves, at least not at the early age. In fact, if statistically spoken, in about 70 percent of the noted childhood obesity cases, the child is found as the victim of the illness, rather than the responsible party. So let’s understand in details, who unintentionally contribute towards the same. The role of parents The children are like a blotting paper in their initial decade of their

Crucial Factor that Causing Blooming of Obesity

In India, the number of people suffering from obesity has increased drastically since the past few decades. However, despite the increasing number of healthcare facilities, the number of people seeking weight reduction surgery in India is comparatively low. The ignorance is one of the main causes of the same. Lack of awareness and lack of interest is the root of the same. There are two kinds of ignorance that create a hurdle in the path of an obese individual seeking weight reduction surgery for a better and healthy living. The ignorance towards the presence of the disease and the ignorance towards the available treatment for the same. Ignorance Towards Obesity Obesity is a very complex illness that acts as a breeding ground for several other obesity-related illnesses such as, sleep apnea, diabetes, joint pain, and many more illnesses. Many individuals spend years, even decades being overweight and obese. However, they fail to realize the severity of the same in time.

Factors Causing Double Chin: An Early Sign of Obesity

A considerably huge proportion of individual leads a life of imminent obesity but fails to realize the same in time. Having a double chin is one of such conditions. Many individuals have this early sign of obesity without realizing the possible imminent effects of it. Thereby, the number of individuals availing the obesity treatment for the same in India is significantly lower than it should ideally be. The chin is the outer, lower jaw of the human body. It moves up and down in order to aid mastication and thus invites the first stage of digestion. When a person begins to accumulate too much fat around the neck, it gives an appearance of the second layer of a chin, thus giving the term, ‘double chin’. Understanding the causal factors plays a crucial role to get rid of it. So, let’s understand it in details, the factors that give rise to the double chin in the first place. Weight –

Why So Many People Travel to India for Obesity Surgery

India is a place with huge diversity. For the same reason, many foreign tourists visit India. These days, many of the foreign patients come down to India for availing obesity surgery in India as well. We call this as medical tourism when a patient travels all the way to a foreign land in order to avail treatment. But why come all the way down to India for getting rid of obesity? Easily getting a Visa is simply and factor, but hereby we present the three main reasons for the same. Economy of India The economy of India is more budget-friendly as compared to a significant number of developed nations. Thus the citizens of these nations find it financially more suitable for undergoing obesity surgery in India as compared to their own homeland. Th cost for availing obesity surgery in India is almost half to a quarter as compared to that of in their own land. Availability of options India is

Why People Often Ignore the Signs of Obesity

Several individuals ignore their health over other priorities in life. This is true mostly for regular screening and early signs of several illnesses. The same applies for availing obesity surgery, as well as many people, fail to identify obesity in the first place. Today, we will try to decode the reason why obese people do not realize their state of body weight until it is too late. Lack of awareness Several individuals are just familiar with three bodies weight pattern, skinny, healthy and fat. The existence of overweight and obese classification has no place in their assumption. They just assume they are a bit heavy than ideally supposed to be. Association of obesity with other illness Despite knowing the existence of obesity, many are not familiar with its long-term complications. Obesity, if present for a significant period of time, can lead to several other illnesses, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and much more. The unawareness of