3 Alternates to Weight Loss Surgery- 2015

Weight Loss Surgery is definitely the best way to get rid of extra fats in your body. The ability of medical science to use advanced tools in eradicating obesity is simply remarkable. However, there are numerous alternatives which a person can go for provided his obesity is in early stage. For determining the stage of obesity, one has to measure his BMI and compare the results with the prescribed guidelines. If the BMI is in between 17 to 24, then the health of a person is ideal. BMI above 24 is considered to be obese. People whose BMI falls under 30 can adopt alternatives, but if the BMI exceeds 30, then the best option is to go for a weight loss surgery. Here are the 3 alternatives- Exercise– A natural way to get rid of excess fat content in the body is to burn them via exercises. Routine workout and jogging are considered best for burning fat naturally. During this

Obesity Surgery- A Doorway to Exit Obesity

For a country like India, obesity is a common problem these days. Going by the statistics, 5% of India’s population are under obesity and with every single month, this percentage is increasing in fractions. Most of the people who have realized the danger of this disorder are either trying to eliminate fast food consumption or are working out in the gym to get back into shape. However, it is sad to know that irrespective of these precautions, most of the people are struggling to fight back against obesity and are falling deeper into obesity. With the blessing of medical science, obesity surgery has come up as an effective tool to eradicate the problem of excessive fat content in the body. Today, about 60% of obese patients prefer undergoing this surgery due to its advanced procedure and high success rate. As a patient, if you are getting admitted for a weight loss surgery, then all you require is a week’s time.

3 Basic Preparations for Fat Reduction Surgery in India- 2015

Fat reduction surgery is an innovative tool which allows a person to lose excess fat in the body within a matter of days. Usually, obese patients go for laparoscopic surgery as it is executed with minimum invasion and offers long term results. However, before the fat Reduction Surgery in India takes place, patients are required to take various precautions. . Some of the basic ones are listed below: Be on a liquid diet: The foremost requirement for a patient is to go on a liquid diet. Liquid diet allows a patient to develop his body as required for the surgery. Accumulation of fat has to be stopped and the body is required to be nourished with necessary vitamins and protein. Exercise: Even though you are going for a weight reducing surgery, it is important for you to exercise. Exercising will allow your body to build up stamina and eliminate the existing fat content at the same time. Regular exercising will

2015 is your ideal time to get Obesity Surgery

The rapid pace at which medical science has developed in the past few decades has amazed everyone. Today, people have started believing in the miracle of science and are confident of undergoing complex procedures such as a surgery. According to statistics, in India there are approximately 500 obesity surgeries each day and the figure continues to rise as people are showing confidence in advanced science. Nowadays obesity is a common disorder in India. According to World Health Reports, about 5% of India’s population are suffering from obesity. This is the third highest figure for any country after the US and China. However, when it comes to handling obesity, people in India can now undergo obesity surgery and get rid of some extra fats within a matter of days. The year 2015 is perfect for any obese patient to get rid of some extra pounds. This is mainly because: Availability of Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery With the introduction of Laparoscopic surgery, it

Understanding Morbid Obesity- 2015

There was a time when obesity was common for only developed countries. With time, this disorder has also found its way into the developing and under developed nations. Going by statistics, the rate of obesity around the world has doubled within a span of last 30 years. However, not every person suffering from obesity is in danger. The World Health Organization has published guidelines to measure obesity. BMI or the Body Mass Index is a benchmark that tells us whether a person is obese or not. If a person’s BMI is in between 17-24, then he is considered as fit. BMI which is greater than 25 is considered as obesity. Sometimes, there may be a situation where a person has a BMI of 30 or above. Under such situation the person is said to be excessively obese. Obesity Surgery Consultants usually term this situation as morbid obesity. Morbid Obesity is an alarming situation for patients and experts do believe that

5 tasty ways to reduce fat

When it comes to weight loss programs, it appears that people are asked to take a divorce from all the tasty food that they like and stick with foods which do not please their taste buds. ILS has come up with an innovative channel that allows you to enjoy tasty food and continue with your weight loss program. Here are 5 tasty food that you can enjoy and still contribute to weight loss: Strawberries . Yogurt . Pistachios . Mushroom . Eggs Making these five elements as a part of your diet plan will help you to cut down the level of fat in your body and also please your taste buds.

5 Every Day Blunders That Are Not Allowing You To Shed Extra Pounds

We are often in a misconception when it comes to following weight loss guidelines. Being confident of the fact that we are making a decent effort to lose weight, we actually end up putting up additional pounds just because we are unaware of the harm that we are doing to ourselves. Here are some of the common mistakes that we do everyday: Mistake 1: Eating Amnesia When a person unknowingly puts his hand in his mouth to munch something while watching television or reading a book, the term is said to be ‘eating amnesia’. For most of us it is common to munch pop corn or some other snacks while we are busy watching a movie or reading a book. One should try not to fall under eating amnesia and stay aloof from it as pop corn and other snacks are full of calories.   . Mistake 2: Choice of Add-ons One common misconception about weight loss is that people

5 best suggestion from Bariatric Care India

The problem with excess fat is that if often lands you up in a lot of trouble. You are unable to move fast, you run out of energy very soon and most importantly, you are soon going to join the league of diabetic patients. Under such an alarming condition, you should be catching up with Bariatric Care India in order to regain your slim shape. Here are some of the best suggestions that the existing patients have shared with us: 1)    Drink lots of water: The first rule of losing weight quickly is to drink water. Drinking water at regular intervals allows you to maintain hydration in your body. However, it should be ensured that water is consumed in limited quantities, say 150 to 200 ml per dose. . . 2)    Prefer Liquid Diet: Liquid diet is the best way to prepare your body for shedding extra pounds. Liquid diet allows your body to get nutrients, but not fat. In this

Approaching Obesity Surgery in India- 2015

Obesity Surgery in India has become an indispensable tool for institutes who offer health care solution. Today about 5% of India’s population suffer from obesity, third in the world after USA and China. Modern day obesity consultants prefer their patients to undergo obesity surgery because it offers quick results and reduces the chances of health related problems in future. However, there are certain areas which an obese person should acknowledge. Pre-Surgery Preparation Most of the patients are in the opinion that obesity surgery is going to eliminate maximum fat from their bodies, as a result, they have the liberty to consume as much of junk food as they want. However, this is a misconception for obese patients. The patients are asked to be on a liquid diet before they go for an obesity surgery. Putting a patient on a liquid diet allows the patient to start his weight loss program. Moreover, with a liquid diet the size of the liver also

What is BMI?

BMI is an abbreviation for Body Mass Index. The index takes into account the weight and height of a person for the purpose of determining his current health status. By using this index, one can compute whether a person is underweight, overweight or fit. Bariatric Surgery Consultants often make use of this tool to guide their patients in weight loss programs. Computation of BMI BMI can be computed in two different ways. On one hand, there is the Metric system and on the other hand, there is the Imperial system. The Metric System uses kilograms (kgs) and meters (m) input for the purpose of computation and the Imperial system uses pounds (lbs) and inches input for the purpose of computation. Additionally, the formula for BMI under metric system is computed by dividing the weight of a person by the whole square of his height. Whereas, the formula for BMI under imperial system multiplies the weight of person by 703 and