Improvement in Obesity Surgery in India- Few Highlights

Obesity surgery in India has become as frequent as any other regular surgery, thanks to the increased volume of patients as well as better infrastructure and associated health care facilities provided by hospitals. Obesity surgery treatments include transforming internal organ functionality so that patients absorb less nutrients and avoid excess consumption. Obesity treatment in India is majorly conducted across big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore. The major reasons are availability of bigger and better infrastructure, higher investment, professional doctors and associates as well as higher affordability of the patients. And because of its highly successful results, obesity treatment is India is becoming increasingly popular and accepted meaning more and more individuals are preferring local hospitals and professionals rather than going to foreign countries for surgery. In general obesity surgery is advised to patients having a BMI higher than 40. These patients have unsuccessfully tried other traditional obesity removal methods. Obesity surgery is also suggested to individuals who

Obesity and Its Treatment: Brief Review

Obesity or extreme weight is a growing problem among individuals as well as health care professionals across the world. Obesity is a potentially life-threatening disease which is increasing at an alarming rate. A few decades back, this issue was confined to economically developed nations only. However, with the increase in per capita income, living standards and overall economy, this fatal lifestyle disease has penetrated developing nations such as India too. An individual is termed obese when the body mass index (BMI) of the individual is more than 40. Even a person with BMI around 35 and having related serious conditions such as high pressure blood or diabetic (type-2) will be categorized as obese. Weight reduction surgery is the most appropriate and effective solution for those individuals who have not received any success while trying traditional weight reduction methods such as dieting or exercise. Weight loss consultants have termed weight reduction surgery as the best form as they are least harmful,

Obesity in India: Current Scenario

The prevalence of obesity is at its highest. The amount of population becoming obese has crossed the expected calculations and is continuously growing. The big cities are worst affected. The major reason attributed to this growing obese population is a dramatic change in lifestyle and eating habits such as living on fast foods, sedentary lifestyle with little or no exercise and lack of any physical activity. The above lifestyle is not limited to developed nations only. More and more developing and economically enhancing nations are also becoming a hub of obese population. Obesity in India has increased dramatically and has become number one lifestyle disease. Obesity is not only life-threatening, but also the core cause of many associated deadly diseases such as cardiac ailments, type-2 diabetes, cancers (colon cancer, breast cancer and even pancreatic cancer) and sleep apnea among others. All above diseases result in damaged life quality of the individual and creating severe mental and emotional trauma. As such

Obesity Surgery in India- A guide

Obesity has become a global phenomenon and in India too, the numbers are rising rapidly. Mostly, the patients are from urban population and the major reason behind this increasing obese population is lifestyle habits such as less or no exercise, sedentary jobs, junk food, and unhealthy eating habits. Obesity can also be the result of mental pressure or can be genetic. In any of these cases, obesity is a big threat to the life of the patients. Obesity in India is not new. A few years back, most of the patients would travel overseas for obesity surgeries as their international hospitals provide better facilities, treatment and more experienced professionals. However, with the growth of Indian economy, better infrastructure as well as enhanced educational infrastructure, Obesity surgery in India as becomes quite acceptable and popular. As per obesity surgery consultants, it is very important to remove the excess or abnormal body fat. Unchecked obesity can result in various related and threatening

Losing fat through Obesity surgery

In layman terms, Obesity is the excess accumulation of excess or abnormal fat in the body. Obesity is a complex disease that results of environmental and genetic factors. It is also popularly classified as a lifestyle disease as it occurs due to the unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits of people. Habits such as eating junk food, unhealthy meals, overeating, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, little or no physical movement during work or at home, all leads to the accumulation of unwanted body fat. Obesity is not only life threatening, but is also the reason of various other diseases such as cardiac ailments, bone diseases, diabetes, sleeplessness and many more. Therefore, it is important to get rid of obesity before it becomes life-threatening. A person is termed as obese when the BMI (body mass index) is more than 23. For a healthy body, the BMI should be in between 17-23. Various methods are implemented for the removal of excess body fat

Quick facts on Fat reduction surgery in India

Fat reduction surgery is not a new process. In general, fat reduction surgeries are opted with the individual is not getting any significant results from traditional fat reduction methods such as dieting and exercise. The objective of fat reduction surgery is to remove the excess fat from the body. Fat reduction surgery can be external or internal meaning with or without insertion. The most common and approved non-surgical method of fat reduction is Indosurgery. Other common type of fat-reduction surgery is liposuction procedure, which invades the patient’s body to remove excess fat. However, it should be noted that various other types of surgical methods are available in the market that are not approved by the FDA or medical authority and should be avoided. Fat reduction surgery can be performed at different parts of the body based on the requirement. Some of the sub-categories under liposuction surgery are abdominoplasty, fat-belly surgery and tummy tuck. The common objective while any fat-reduction surgery

The Secret of Obesity Treatment in India is a Partnership

Over the internet, there are numerous health related blogs that talk about obesity and weight management. On one hand, where most of them talk about the benefits of obesity treatment in India, others talk about the growing impact of medicines to treat obesity. Sadly, none of them explains the secret behind the success of obesity treatment. Today, we look forward to reveal the secret which lies behind every successful obesity surgery- Partnership. Yes, it is true! Obesity Treatment is an on-going process which requires understanding, trust and diligence. When patients visit weight loss consultants, it is important for them to disclose every fact in detail and let the consultant examine the patient independently. All previous examination reports and analysis should not be considered at the time of examination. Being transparent allows a patient to be more comfortable with the surgeon and both are in a mutual relationship. A patient has to follow what the surgeon has recommended. For an instance,

Bariatric Surgery Consultants recommend Laparoscopy Surgery

The role of Bariatric Surgery Consultants has evolved over the past decade. Nowadays, people look forward for a complete solution for weight loss which includes allocation of problem, analyzing the problem, finding a solution and follow up. This where the contribution of weight loss consultants becomes important. With modern developments in the realm of medical science, laparoscopy surgery has come up as an effective tool to overcome the problem of obesity. In this type of surgery, minimal incision is made in a body and with the help of a camera surgery is performed. The amount of complexity involved in this process is very less as compared to invasive surgery. Inclusion of a camera in the process offers a clear insight to surgeons and thus, increases the accuracy of operation by almost 75%. Laparoscopy Surgery and recovery Laparoscopy Surgery is not only efficient from the perspective of surgery, but is also effective from the viewpoint of recovery. Patients who have undergone

Obesity Treatment in India- Being Realistic!

India is the world’s second most populated nation after China. A problem with such populated country is the variety of opinions that the locals present. Today, if you look for Obesity Treatment in India, there will be more than 101 solutions which will be presented to you by friends, relatives, elders and even internet wizards. However, none of them guarantee the success of their recommendation as they are not 100% sure of their advice. Investing in Weight Loss Products is a waste Over the internet and other shopping portals, you may have come across numerous banners and advertisements which suggests that they are capable of bringing a miraculous change in a patient suffering from obesity. Some suggest you to take pills, whereas some suggests you to take supplements which burns the fat content in your body. Sadly, the truth is that rewards come with hard work and dedication. Taking assistance from Obesity Surgery Consultants If you are looking for

Plan your Bariatric Surgery for lasting results- 2015

Bariatric Surgery has become common these days. People are well aware of the benefits as well as the consequences which can arise out of this medical practice. For a person in India, the best way to undergo a weight loss surgery is to plan the whole procedure and act accordingly. Get analyzed by an expert The first step towards finding a solution for your excessive weight is to consult an expert. Weight loss consultants are professionally trained to analyze your existing situation and guide you through a series of examinations before offering you a complete solution to your problem. Look for the available options Once the analysis is done, the experts will let you know about the available options. Sometimes, there may be a possibility where bariatric surgery is not required and the persisting situation can be overcome by following a balanced diet and regular workout routine. Take necessary precautions Cases where surgery is suggested, the experts will guide you