Diabetes Treatment in Kolkata – Types and Treatments

Diabetes melitus, more commonly known as diabetes is a class of metabolic disorders in which the patient suffers from high blood sugar for a long term period. Diabetes treatment in Kolkata has increased along with the diseases itself during the last few decades due to several factors.

Symptoms of diabetes include sudden weight loss or gain, increase in thirst, frequent urination and increase in appetite. There can be several severe complications such as kidney failure, heart stroke, damage to eye, foot ulcers and even death in some critical cases.

Diabetes arises when either the pancreas is not producing sufficient amount of insulin or the body is not properly responding to the insulin produced.


The 3 types of diabetes and their treatment are as follows:

i. Type 1– In this type, the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin to meet the body’s requirements. The main cause for type 1 is the loss of insulin-producing beta cells of islets of Langerhans. Traditionally it was known as ‘juvenile diabetes’, because most of these diabetes were affecting children.

It is vital to have insulin injection in case of type 1. It becomes a daily regime for the patients. Though it sounds a bit frightening to take shots everyday, but once started, it becomes habit. With the modern the help of needle technology, the injection now is less painful experience.

ii. Type 2– In this case, the pancreas produces insulin, but the body projects insulin resistance. It is a condition in which the body cells fail to respond to insulin properly. With the progress of disease, lack of insulin may also be observed. Some of the primary causes are lack of exercise and increase in body weight.

Medication of type 2 may or may not include insulin. Mostly oral medication is prescribed to patients suffering from this conditions.

iii. Gestational diabetes– the third diabetes type occurs when a pregnant women develops high blood sugar level without any previous history. Its occurrence is about 2-10 % of all pregnancy. Generally it gets cured on its own after childbirth.

The prevention and primary treatment includes:

  • maintaining a healthy diet,
  • normal Body Mass Index (BMI),
  • regular physical exercise,
  • avoid consumption of alcohol, smoking and tobacco

The onset of diabetes often leads to change in lifestyle that may last up to entire lifespan. Though for many patients, oral medication and maintaining a balanced lifestyle reduces the adverse effects of diabetes in an individual’s life. It is not a permanent solution for everyone.

Bariatric surgery, more commonly known as weight loss surgery is a long lasting and sometimes the only solution to deal with diabetes type 2.

There are several healthcare institutes that provide diabetes surgery in India. ILS Hospitals is one of those hospitals, that provides diabetes and bariatric surgery in Kolkata. The surgeons of ILS Hospitals use modern medical approaches such as the laparoscopic method to minimize the risk related to surgeries. Apart from curing diabetes, it also helps the patient to overcome obesity, sleep apnea and other medical conditions.