Did You Know Your Brain Might Age Fast If You Are An Obese Person?

When the brain stops working, the whole body stops working. So, in order to live a long and healthy life, your brain should be healthy. When a person starts to become old, the ageing process ages their brain too. The brain starts losing white matters and shrink. Until recently doctors used to think that only ageing of a person can make the brain shrink. But it has been observed that there is another reason too. Obesity can make a person’s brain age faster than normal. Doctors performing weight reduction surgery in Kolkata has reported in several cases how obesity is affecting the people’s brain.

What Happens When Your Brain Ages?

Several changes occur when your brain starts to age regardless of your age:

  • The part of the brain which can conduct the learning and other difficult mental activities starts to shink.
  • Communication between neurons which are also known as the nerve cells starts reducing.
  • Decrease of blood flow in the brain might occur too.
  • When the body responds to a disease or an injury, inflammation tends to occur. Inflammation increases when your brain starts ageing.

How Does Obesity Affect The Brain?

Like everything else, obesity can affect the brain too. Obesity can alter the normal speed of the ageing process and instead increase it. There have been researches where it shows that those who have a high BMI, their white matter is less than the others. Compared to normal-weight persons, these obese people tend to be 10 years older according to their brain. It has also been observed that obesity is largely connected to the loss of brain mass. Those who have a high BMI along with high waist circumference and a high waist to hip ratio, their brain degeneration is more extensive. Weight reduction surgeons give their opinions that fat cells in an obese person have more inflammatory agents which makes the white matter more sensitive.

How To Stop Your Brain From Ageing Fast?

Most people are not yet aware of how obesity can affect their brain’s ageing process. We, at ILS Bariatric Care in Kolkata, are trying to spread the awareness. We would like to advice people who are suffering from obesity that if you want your brain to stay healthy, then you need to go back to your normal weight. Whether you want to do it with rigorous exercises and diets or weight reduction surgery, depends upon you and your doctor.

Obesity will not only make your brain age faster but also will make your life dull. So, get your obesity treated as soon as possible.