Diet Guidelines To Follow After Obesity Surgery

Obesity is quite challenging to resolve with conventional means such as dieting and exercise. Thankfully, with laparoscopic obesity surgery, it can be resolved for good. Even though obesity surgery is extremely effective it does have some guidelines attached to it. It is crucial to follow the diet guideline to ensure maximum effectiveness. Though the exact guidelines differ a little for each procedure, here we offer some useful insights regarding the diet after obesity surgery in general.

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  1. Start with an only liquid diet for a couple of days. It helps to keep the body hydrated and helps towards curbing hunger pangs.
  2. Include soups and juice in the diet plan. Eventually, include puree the body needs vegetables to meet the nutrients and mineral level.
  3. Include solid food gradually to the diet but make smarter food choices. Choose lean protein and leafy vegetables in ample amount.
  4. Sip some liquid or beverages in between meals to mitigate the need for snacking.
  5. Avoid drinking before or after 30 minutes around the meal to avoid the possibility of dumping syndrome.
  6. Avoid highly processed food altogether for at least a month or so.
  7. Eat slowly and chew properly. This ensures the food consumption is much lesser than before.
  8. Limit sugar intake and avoid smoking and alcohol at all costs.
  9. Avoid any caffeine drink, as it may cause dehydration and give rise to many other complications.
  10. Include protein and vitamins supplement for some time to meet the nutrient level in the body.

The diet plan might look less to people who love to eat a lot. But in reality, this transition is quite effortless as the newly modified digestive system helps both metabolically and physiologically. In case the individual undergoes open obesity surgery, they need to stay in the hospital for about 7-10 days so the hospital staff themselves take care of the same. But for those who avail laparoscopic obesity surgery gets to leave the hospital premises in a couple of days and thus they must keep a close eye to what they eat.

At ILS Bariatric Care, we offer a detailed diet and exercise plan for each patient, depending on their type of procedure and overall condition. Contact today to know more about it.