Diet Guidelines To Follow Before The Obesity Surgery

The prevalence of obesity is all around the globe across people of all ages. Thankfully the availability of obesity surgery is helpful in this regard. The effectiveness of this procedure depends on the condition of a patient, the expertise of the obesity surgeon, amount of weight loss to attain and the patient’s commitment towards doctor’s suggestion before and after the obesity surgery.

There are several types of weight loss surgery, but today we will offer some guidelines to follow before any such procedure. Weight loss surgery is an elective procedure, which gives the patient, an ample amount of time to prepare everything in advance. The pre-surgery diet starts about 2 weeks prior to the date of surgery. It consists of some common guidelines.

  1. Including protein supplement to keep the nutrient level in the body. It is crucial as the pre-surgery diet will include food of exceptionally low calorific value.
  2. Limit highly processed food and sugar-containing food.
  3. Reducing the consumption of fat and dairy products. These food items are difficult to digest and thereby its consumption will lead to severe metabolism malfunctions.
  4. Avoiding the consumption of alcohol and smoking.
  5. Pausing certain types of over-the-counter drugs for the time being. It needs to be discussed with the obesity surgeon in advance.
  6. Including more and more semi-solid and eventually liquid food.
  7. Consuming nothing the day prior to the surgery.

It is crucial to follow these guidelines very closely to ensure the effectiveness of the procedure. The guidelines serve some very crucial aspects. Primarily to reduce body fat, particularly from the liver. This increases the effectiveness of the procedure. It prepares the body for the surgery and plays a crucial role in its recovery. Moreover, this food cut off makes the body to use energy from the fat reserves making body burn fat more rapidly. It also helps the patient adjust to the post-surgery diet, which is very similar to this food chart itself. Starting early makes this adaptation quite easy for the patient.

We would like to remind one more time, that these are the general guidelines for any weight loss surgery procedure. A detailed, customized diet and lifestyle plan will be given by the obesity surgeon for each individual based on their condition.