Effects Of Prolonged Obesity On Your Knees That Might Lead To Knee Replacement In The Future

Every coin has 2 sides, a good and a bad. Unless the coin is obesity, as it has no good attributes attached to it and only the opposites. Having chronic knee pain is simply one of them. In fact, as per obesity surgery doctors, the chances of needing knee replacement surgery for an overweight or obese individual are about 4 to 5 times higher as compared to an individual with normal body weight. Let’s understand how extra weight is linked to knee pain and in rare cases even dislocation.

How Weight Gain Is Ruining Our Knees?

Imagine you have bought a bicycle and it is of the best quality. Your rides are smooth and flawless, but suddenly you decided to give rides to 2 other neighbors on it as well. The same bicycle will no longer be able to give you the same experience because it has been overloaded. The same principle works for our skeletal structure as well. It has been designed by default to offer support to our normal body weight and posture. But adding more weight to our body disbalance it, giving rise to knee and other joint discomforts.

With weight gain, the bones and joints, now have to carry around more weight and as a result, it incurs wear and tears over a long period of time. Needless to say, it gives rise to orthopedic complications such as knee injury, pain, trauma, inflammation, and even knee dislocation. These complications interfere with your ability to lose weight through physical exercises and often, in turn, it leads to even more weight gain. As a result, often going for the weight reduction surgery remains the only effective procedures for it. Simultaneously, if obesity is not addressed in time, it can lead to permanent knee complications that can only be resolved by knee replacement surgery.

What Can Be Done To Resolve It?

However, there is a silver lining in the same. As obesity and joint complications are closely associated, losing body weight (either through surgery or otherwise) also reduces the risks of a knee injury. As a safeguard, patients who are overweight or obese should always consider screening their bone and joint health from time to time. Also, they should always consider resolving their excessive body weight to stay healthy and fit.