Extra Sugar Leads To Extra Weight – 3 Useful Tips To Limit Sugar Consumption

A sprinkle of sugar adds a different flavor to any food, particularly the desserts. No matter how tempting they feel, they have a downside too. Consuming too much sugar can lead to weight gain. Patients who seek weight loss surgery, admits on consuming sugar and sugar-based food routinely. In case you too love having sugar in your everyday diet and wondering how you can cut them off, we offer some simple tips for the same.

Avoid sugar-loaded drinks

It is very tempting to grab cold drinks, especially during the summers. But these are loaded with calories that are responsible for adding pounds to your belly line. Instead, you can go for infused water or lemonade. These are some healthier options, as these contain much lesser sugar in them.

Eat fruits instead of drinking fruit juice

Fruit juices are available in every shop these days. Whether you want the juice of mango, guava, litchi, or any other fruits, you can have it in small tetra pack or a big carton. It might seem like it is convenient or even a healthy option, but actually, they are stuffed with artificial fruit flavors and sugar. So, try to eat whole fruits instead, which are full of nutrition and glucose that does not lead to weight gain.

Pick your desserts carefully

We Indians love to have some dessert after a meal. But before you pick a bowl full of sugar-loaded desserts or ice creams, you should consider how much calories it will add in your diet. If you are craving for something sweet after food, you can pick much healthier options like fruits with yogurt, or a handful of dates.

You can take the help of some calorie app on your mobile, through which you can keep a rough estimate of your sugar intake.

But if you are already overweight or obese and also suffering from some obesity-related complications, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc, then considering laparoscopic obesity surgery is the best option. After weight loss surgery, you can not only lose weight effectively, but you can also get rid of the unhealthy habit of consuming too much sugar. This way, you can take steps to have a healthier diet ahead.