Guidelines To Choose The Best Bariatric Facility in India

Obesity is becoming extremely prevalent in India. As per obesity surgery doctors, one in every 5 Indian is either obese or overweight. Thankfully, there are many bariatric facilities available throughout India that offer weight loss surgery. However, the number of such facilities are somewhat blooming recently. Today, we will share some guidelines for you to pick the best weight loss surgery unit in India.

1. Proficiency And Accreditation

There are numerous medical department and every hospital/health care facility has its particular proficiency regarding them. Thus, it is crucial to go for the units that do have a good team of doctor and repute in the bariatric department. When it comes to the health care sector, having an accreditation is the most convenient way to ensure these all. Try to go with a facility that does have any recognizable accreditation for weight loss surgery.

2. Reputation Of Doctors

The doctors performing the surgery must have profound knowledge and significant experience regarding the same. Try to look for the years of experience the lead doctors have, in any particular bariatric facility.

3. Reviews And Social Presence

Any decent healthcare facility is likely to have lots of testimonials from their previous patients. Go through the reviews shared by the patients regarding the procedure and services offered by the facility. Also, try to look out for their presence on social platforms. It might offer you some useful insights.

4. Availability Of Advanced Procedure

Minimally invasive procedures are substituting the traditional surgery rapidly. The same holds true for weight loss surgery in India as well. Unless you have some rare complication, going for the laparoscopic obesity surgery is the best. So, look out for the facility that offers the same.

5. Location And Other Facilities

Apart from considering just the medical advantages, you must also check whether or not it is convincing for you overall. The location and convenience of other complimentary services like availability of accommodation, transportation, and other facilities at a reasonable expense.

Weight loss surgery is often not an emergency procedure, so, before setting the surgery date with just any medical facility, take some time out and consider all the sides. At ILS Bariatric Care, we offer laparoscopic obesity surgery under the guidance of our SRC certified team of doctors. For our quality service and excellent result, we have been awarded with both regional and national awards.

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