How Digestion Plays An Important Role In The Process Of Excess Weight Gain

There are a lot of reasons why a person gains weight. Some are due to health issues and some are due to the increase in a sedentary lifestyle. One of those reasons is indigestion. The digestion process is one of the most important processes of our body. Many time due to the sedentary or inactive lifestyle and bad eating habits people suffer from indigestion and in turn suffer from weight gain. Most of these people need both proper digestion and obesity treatment. So, let us take a look at how a bad digestion makes people gain weight.

What is it that you might be doing wrong?

  • Indigestion can severely affect our body’s metabolism, which would mean that the nutrients from the food are not optimally utilised.
  • Weight is gained when the metabolic rate slows down and the calories are not burned properly.
  • You will feel hungry all the time if your food is nutrient deficient, as the body is craving micro and macro nutrient, which in turn will make you eat more causing more weight gain.
  • If digestion is not done adequately, that means the body is finding it hard to break down the foods.
  • Another reason for bad digestion is not chewing properly and not drinking enough water. Often if we don’t chew enough, swallow the food and don’t drink water, it makes the digestion process a lot harder and time taking.
  • Foods that are high on calorie, Trans fats and promotes water retention should be avoided. They are hard to digest and leads to toxic build-up.
  • Toxic build-up in the digestive tract can also be a cause for weight gain.
  • Not including enough fibre can also complicate the digestion process.

What can you do to make the digestion process easier?

  • Effective digestion is achieved with the help of a well-balanced diet, which further aids weight loss.
  • Chew properly and drink a lot of water to break down the food easily that you eat.
  • Fill your diet with digestive-friendly foods including fibre-rich vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
  • Digestion is improved by fibre, the indigestible part of plants which helps to push the food waste products and toxins through the body for elimination, which in turn aids in weight loss.

We all know what healthy foods we should eat and what we shouldn’t eat. But that is not the only important thing. Digesting the food well and properly is also important or it can lead to obesity. So, consult with an expert for proper digestion and obesity treatment.

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