How Lap Band Obesity Surgery is Helping Obese People Regain Health and Fitness

Obesity is engulfing the globe at an alarming pace. This rate will eventually make obesity one of the deadliest diseases crippling the human race. Thankfully, medical science is also advancing to battle this disease. We have several Obesity Treatment procedures, these days to resolve obesity for good. Today, let’s discuss one such procedure briefly, namely the Gastric Band Surgery or more commonly known as the Lap Band Surgery.

What Is Gastric Band Surgery?

This procedure is called so because it uses a surgical band to carry out the operation. It is synonymously known as lap band surgery because these procedures are mostly done through minimally invasive technique. The laparoscopic surgery helps the individual to overcome multiple drawbacks, such as surgical bleeding, infection and long recovery period, which are otherwise associated with any open surgery. It is a temporary surgical method that works on the principle of restriction. It is an extremely effective procedure that helps obese individuals to gain normal body weight.

How Is It Carried Out?

The surgery begins by dividing the stomach into a small and large pouch, with the help of a surgical band. The band is filled with salt water and thus by increasing the amount of the liquid in it (by a port that is placed just beneath the skin), the band can be tightened or loosened up. Usually, a small portion (about 15 to 30 %) of the stomach volume is tied up on the top, leaving the larger division in the bottom.

The smaller pouch on the top is what holds the food after the surgery. As a result, the individual can no longer consume as much food as they did before. However, this change happens not only anatomically, but also hormonally. This change in the digestive tract makes the person feel satiated with a much lesser amount of food. Thus, it helps them attain significant weight loss, with quite an ease.

Who Are Ideal For Lap Band Surgery?

Any obesity treatment procedure is ideal for people who are dealing with obesity. But it can also be referred to overweight people having an extremely high BMI who are also suffering from many obesity-associated illnesses such as sleep apnea, joint pain, diabetes, high cholesterol and more. However, the lap band is a temporary method, meaning, it can be removed once the desired weight loss has been attained. Thus, this procedure works best for those whose ideal weight loss goal is moderate. Most obesity surgery doctors will not recommend this procedure for morbidly obese individuals, as other procedures, which uses both restriction and malabsorption are best for them.

At ILS Bariatric Care, we offer several weight loss procedures to help people battle obesity to get rid of it quite easily. Lap band obesity surgery is one very popular surgery techniques that we offer. To know more about it and other bariatric surgery procedures, get in touch with us here.