How Obesity Surgery Can Help You Get Relieve From Excess Weight & Associated Joint Pain

Obesity has many associated complications and joint pain is one of them. Though lots of people, particularly the ones aging above 50-60 years often complain about having joint pain, it onsets much earlier for obese individuals. Let’s find out how obesity causes joint pain along with its treatment, in the form of obesity surgery.

How Obesity can Lead to Joint Pain?

The human body is a complex structure in which the skeletal system is designed in such a manner that it can hold the body weight properly and maintain proper position. Under normal condition, the skeletal system does not get burden with bodyweight, unless it is due to some medical condition, accidental injury or the natural degradation of bones due to aging. But things change when you are including obesity into the picture.

Obesity is a medical condition, in which an individual accumulates excessive body weight. This extra body weight exerts additional pressure on the bone structure. It is most prominent on the joints of legs, namely the ankles and knees. As a result, it is very common to find that obese people have complaints regarding joint pain and joint inflammation. In fact, having low calcium in bones makes them even more susceptible to have a fracture.

How Joint Pain Can Be Treated With Obesity Surgery?

A determined person with some extra pound can shed the same with exercise, diet control, lifestyle changes, etc. but losing weight is a big challenge for people dealing with obesity with just dieting and exercise. Moreover, as explained earlier obesity heavily exerts pressure on the joints and causes joint pain. Jogging or intense exercise is often not that feasible because it usually exerts even more trauma to the joints and obese people often lose flexibility as well. In fact, respiratory conditions and fatigues, which are quite common among obese individuals make the attempts more difficult or unsuccessful. So physical exercise is not the best option for such individuals to attain weight loss.

Thus, most obesity surgeon and the patient ultimately pick obesity surgery to treat the prolonged joint pain and inflammation. Obesity surgery not only relieves the joints of the body by removing extra bodyweight but also make them able to work out physically. This motivates them to stay in shape after the surgery. Moreover, obesity surgery makes them get relieved from many other health conditions such as sleep apnea, respiratory issues, high blood pressure and so on.

In fact, not only obesity but being overweight for more than 5-6years puts a lot of strain on joints. Often they are seen limping a little after sitting for a long period of time. This should be taken seriously and the individuals should seek proper obesity treatment to manage the situation as soon as possible.

At ILS Hospitals Bariatric Care Unit, we provide obesity surgery for all the patients struggling with obesity and other obesity-associated conditions.