How To Stay Mentally And Physically Healthy In Quarantine If You Are An Obese?

It is hard to sane inside your home for three weeks with nothing to do. But it is all the more tough to stay mentally healthy if you are already fighting with depression, especially if you are an obese person. We are not saying depression is tougher for obese people, but they tend to have a lot more negative effect on them. One of the main focus of obesity treatment is to help obese people stay mentally healthy. So, we at, ILS Bariatric Care, an expert in obesity treatment are going to give you some tips that will help you keep you away from depression and anxiety.

There is an interconnection between depression and obesity that can prove to be fatal. An obese person will become depressed if they are unable to control their weight gain. Taunts, jokes and peer pressure is a major cause of it. If the person aims for unrealistic goals to lose weight and then fails to achieve them, it will cause further depression. This can lead to binge eating and further weight gain, making it a vicious cycle. So, if you are an obese person fighting depression, it will be worse for you while staying at home, living an inactive lifestyle for such a long period of time. The below mentioned suggestions might help you fight it.

Have an outlet to express your stress

It can be in the form of exercise, dancing, walking around your complex, yoga, or cooking. But you need to have one activity that you love to do and will need some hard work. An activity that will help your body to remove endorphins and instead create dopamine. These activities will not only help you stay stress-free but you will also be able to prevent weight gain.

Avoid unhealthy behaviours

Unhealthy behaviours are a major reason for both, a person’s obesity and depression. Drinking, smoking, eating junk foods are some of those unhealthy behaviours. If you have a habit of overeating, try to curb those urges. Staying at home can already limit the number of activities you can do and if you keep overeating it will increase your weight and in turn will increase your anxiety. If you get the urge to eat snacks, eat healthy ones. Eating a healthy diet, getting regular sleep and engaging in physical activity every day are some of the best ways to stay strong mentally and physically during this difficult time.

Stick to a routine

One of the effective ways to make yourself feel in control and stop stressing is to stick to a routine. Routine is very important, especially to an obese person. If you don’t have any schedule and you spend most of the sleeping, eating and watching TV, you will gain weight very easily. On top of that, at the end of the day, you will feel depressed over the fact that you didn’t do anything productive the whole day. So, make a routine where you wake up early in the morning, do some exercises and meditation which are an important part of obesity treatment, eat timely, and do at least two productive things every day.

If you are not working from home, it is quite understandable if you start to feel useless after a week. So, don’t let that happen to you. Find creative things to do, don’t stress unnecessarily by watching the news whole day and instead try to stay fit physically and mentally.