How Weight Loss Surgery Can Clear Pathway Towards Motherhood

The more, the merrier” it is something we often say while celebrating or even feasting during festivals. This, however, does not work when it comes to body weight. Obesity adds difficulty towards a natural conception for both men and women, but a little more for women due to various biological reasons.

Today, we will discuss how obesity creates hurdles for women to conceive and how weight loss surgery can clear the path, effectively.

In adult women, hormonal levels regulate both the menstrual cycle and ovulation cycle. Balanced cycles lead to successful natural conception. Obesity arises due to the wide distribution of fat in the body, which also disrupts both the cycles due to several mechanisms. For the menstrual cycle, it disrupts the frequency and pattern of menstruation. For ovulation cycle, it leads to anovulation (when no ovum releases from the ovary). Thereby, it reduces the chances of conception altogether.

Moreover, obesity influences the insulin level in the body, which in turn, disrupts the female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Besides, excess fat, particularly in the abdomen passes great difficulty in conception.

As per statistical studies, overweight or obese women encounter challenges to have a successful conception even after one year of discontinuation of contraceptives. The odds are almost three-fold more, as compared to women of normal BMI range.

How Weight Loss Surgery Helps

In order to ensure a more successful conception, often the to-be mothers are advised to address obesity first. Now extra belly fat can be shed effectively by such women if they are to attain weight loss for some extra pounds. However, it requires something more effective to address obesity. Thankfully, the modern medical technique help in this regard, quite effectively.

Obesity can be resolved effectively with the help of obesity surgery. This surgical technique is also known as weight reduction surgery and contribute towards attaining significant weight loss. Apart from losings extra pounds. This procedure also helps resolve other associated complications of obesity, out of which difficulty in conception is just one.

Weight loss surgery helps in both hormonal and physical aspect. It corrects the hormonal dis-balance and restores the functionality of both menstrual and ovulation cycles, along with levels of insulin, estrogen, and progesterone. Physical immobility makes such an obese individual lose interest in their intimate life and needless to say, it makes conception an unlikely scenario. Weight loss scenario improves this significantly.

These days, there are many assisted reproductive techniques, that unable couple struggling with infertility, to have a child of their own; the presence of obesity takes thing it challenging as well.

Apart from posing difficulties in conception, obesity also makes it difficult to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Maternal obesity has been found associated with a higher risk of miscarriages, and other associated pregnancy complications.

Altogether, the chances of having a successful natural conception and uplifts it drastically with obesity surgery, and so does. So, if you are dealing with obesity and planning to start a family soon, then it’s your call to lose weight now.