Impact Of Obesity On Bones And How Weight Loss Surgery Can Help

Obesity is becoming an epidemic and a lot of people are now concerned about it. Not only it’s not a healthy way of living your life but also if you are not in shape every single part of your body starts getting affected. Whether it’s the belly, hip and thighs or your muscles and tissues. ILS Bariatric Care, a renowned hospital for weight loss surgery, in Kolkata says that fat is a necessity for your whole system. But, too much fat can become a trouble and that too very quickly and it can affect your bones too.

The interlinking relation between bone mass and fat mass is quite complex. On one hand, body mass does act as a protective layer for the bones and has a positive effect on bone formation. But on the other hand, it works only to some point. When a person starts to gain weight, it also affects their bone structure. Especially abdominal fat, which is the hardest part in the body to reduce its fat from, has a huge negative impact on the bone structure. It gives a lot of pressure on the joints too. For every pound of weight you gain, puts an extra pressure of four pounds of weight on your joints. If your joints take too much pressure, it will put pressure on the tissues around the joints. These tissues, also known as tendons, connect the muscles to bones. So, you can understand how connected all of them are and ultimately your extra weight is putting pressure on your bones.

Due to this constant extra pressure, bone density becomes unproportional to its body weight. This, in turn, can increase the risk of fractures. Also, obesity can make you insulin resistance leading to type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes increases the risk of bone fracture too.

So, what is the solution? Obviously, the easy answer is to lose weight and regain bone density. Depending on the level of obesity, your path of treatment should be decided. It has been observed that exercise can not only reduce the excess weight but can also help regain the loss of bone density. Along with exercises, the consumption of calcium rich food and drinks like milk is encouraged by doctors. Milk is the best source of calcium. Increasing the milk intake can increase bone mass and slow the loss of bones.

But if you are suffering from severe and morbid obesity, weight loss surgery can be a sensible option for you. It will certainly reduce your weight rapidly in a few months, which will take off the extra pressure from your bones. After that, all you need to do is follow diet regiments and live a healthy life carefully to regain the bone mass and maintain your weight.