Know How Effective, Safe And Less Painful A Bariatric Surgery Is!

Obesity is increasing in India at an alarming rate. At least one of every 5 individuals are either obese or overweight. Obesity is the condition that is characterized by too much accumulation of body weight to an extent when it starts to bring many other associated illnesses. For the people who are slightly overweight and are otherwise healthy can easily bring the body back to a normal BMI range with dieting and exercising. However, for people who have any obesity-associated conditions or those who are morbidly obese mostly requires Bariatric surgery. However, there are many misconceptions regarding obesity surgery.

Today we are going to discuss what is bariatric surgery, its effectiveness, its safety. So let’s begin.

Bariatric surgery is more commonly known as weight reduction surgery or obesity surgery. It is done by making changes in the digestive system. The surgery works in 3 principles- the restriction, malabsorption, and mixed approach. So, let’s get along about its effectiveness.

How Effective Is It?

Weight reduction surgery is highly effective. It helps to lose significant body weight, along with getting rid or at least manage its associated illnesses. Weight loss surgery helps people lose weight both anatomically and psychologically. The effectiveness of these procedures is surprisingly high. Unlike other obesity treatment like liposuction, Bariatric surgery is a long term effective procedure. It helps the individual to keep losing weight even after the actual procedure. In fact, if the individual can adhere to the guidelines, the procedure can stay effective for a lifetime.

How Safe Is It?

It is being executed all around the world. The expert Bariatric surgeon is known to perform these surgeries successfully even on much younger patient and several complicated cases as well, without any serious complications.

Though the open Bariatric surgery is considered as a major operation, their success rate is overwhelming and they are absolutely safe. The laparoscopic weight reduction surgery, on the other hand, is even safer as it mitigates or minimizes several complications such as bleeding, infection, and blood loss, etc. Altogether, it can be concluded that Bariatric surgery is quite safe.

How Little Painful Is It?

There is one very feared and anticipated complication of any surgery, the pain. Bariatric surgery is no exception. Whether or not it is too much painful, it depends on the type. The open surgery procedure is effective but might cause some pain and much longer recovery period, however, the alternative is quite painless. Laparoscopic weight reduction surgery is known to cause much lesser pain. It can be easily managed with mild, over-the-counter pain medication and the recovery time is less.

Thus, in a nutshell, weight reduction surgery is a safe, effective procedure that can help people dealing with obesity and live a healthier life ahead. You can consider it for yourself if you are battling with obesity. Get in touch with an expert obesity surgery doctor to evaluate the same for yourself.