Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make Post Bariatric Surgery

Both people suffering from obesity and people undergoing bariatric surgery are increasing in number every year. A lot of people have a general idea that once you opt for bariatric surgery, their obesity and the obesity-related problem will just disappear. But, obesity surgery is just the initial phase of losing weight. You need to take a lot of care after surgery and make some major changes in your lifestyle in order to make the surgery a success.

Physically and psychologically, you will need to adjust a lot after the surgery. You will need to be cautious about everything that you do. You will be losing more weight for the next 3-6 months post-surgery. During that time, you may feel tired and weary a lot.

The most important thing becomes your dietary guidelines. Whatever unhealthy foods you were eating, all will need to be removed from the diet. Since you will need to eat meals in small portions scheduling your eating time is very important. Learn easy and healthy recipes filled with all types of vegetables and proteins. For the first 4-6 weeks, your doctor will ask you to eat only liquid, soft or pureed foods like soup, boiled vegetables etc. Solid foods are not recommended.

But once you recover from the surgery, you will be allowed solid normal foods, but healthy ones. Fruits and high fibre foods are also allowed during that time. But that is not all, especially if you are addicted to eating in restaurants and takeouts. Try to divert your mind from food if you find yourself thinking about it constantly. But do not skip your meals. It wouldn’t help you lose more weight, instead, it will create more complications.

Apart from food, your intake of water should be calculated carefully. Drinking at least 4-5 litres of water every day is essential. This will not only keep you hydrated but will also help you in flushing out the toxins. This, in turn, will help you lose more weight. Avoid coffee for the first few weeks post-surgery until the doctor gives you the green signal. Alcohol should be strictly restricted. Also, try to stay away from calorie and sugar-filled beverages like cold drinks.

Coming to the everyday routine, the first few weeks post obesity surgery, your doctor will advise you to take rest as much as possible. After that, you can carry on with your regular work. Your everyday goal in life should be to be active as much as possible. That doesn’t mean we are asking you to go to the gym 2-3 hours every day. Don’t spend a lot of time watching TV, when instead you can take a walk around in your locality. Do exercises or yoga in the morning to stay fresh the whole day. There will be several changes in your body once you start losing weight rapidly. If the stretch marks or the excess and saggy skins due to weight loss become a concern for you, consult your doctor and ask for the options.

Prepare yourself mentally. If you used to stress eat before, you should’t do that anymore, here generally bariatric surgery also helps you to control eating by reducing your urge to eat more. You might feel anxious about your weight even after surgery in fear of gaining weight again. But try to not let that happen. Don’t overdo anything. Adjust yourself slowly to health-oriented life. If you adhere to the guidelines and maintain healthy habits, your decision to undergo bariatric surgery will be a successful one.