Obesity And Pregnancy – How It Can Affect Your Unborn Baby

‘I am not counting calories. I am eating for two, you see!’

This is a common saying among the to-be mamas who are carrying another life inside her.

Sadly, there are some complications attached to pregnancy and obesity is a severe threat among them. In fact, it is quite challenging to conceive in the first place with maternal obesity already set in place. As per obesity surgery doctors, having obesity during pregnancy puts several health complications to both mother and the baby.

Some of the complications associated with maternal obesity that causes harm to the unborn baby are as follows-

1. Miscarriage

The most concerning threat associated with maternal obesity is the high risk of miscarriage.

2. Fetal Macrosomia

It is the most common complication found in such babies. Macrosomia is a condition in which babies are exceptionally larger than other babies. This causes several metabolic complications, even before birth. But it also possesses high risks of needing an elective or emergency c-section, as delivering such a baby naturally is risky for both mother and the baby.

3. High Risks Of Birth Defect

Maternal obesity does uplift the chances of few birth defects such as heart defect and neural tube defect. Moreover, it might trigger many other underlying congenital defects as well.

4. Diagnostic Conatrisns

Extra body weight and fat decomposition make it difficult to diagnose any of them through an ultrasound scan. Unpleasant complications or medical conditions cannot be predetermined and thereby it can result in catastrophic consequences.

5. Preterm Birth

Obesity in mothers can lead to other pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia, which often induces a preterm birth. This preterm birth may bring several short-term as well as long-term consequences for the baby.

Maternal obesity also often causes the baby to be obese themselves in their life. Many times it onsets much earlier in the form of childhood obesity itself. Obesity is not helpful for any individual, however, it is particularly harmful to women who are either pregnant or planning for it, in the near future.

With timely weight reduction, all these complications can be greatly reduced. Thankfully, getting an obesity surgery is a fail-safe procedure for the same. This advanced surgical method ensures a healthy life ahead for both the mother and her baby.