Obesity Can Lower Your Immunity Making You More Prone To COVID-19

We all know that COVID-19 can affect anyone. However, people low immunity is more susceptible to infection when coming in contact with the virus. Not only that anyone with low immunity is also finding it hard to fight this virus infection. As advised by ILS Bariatric Care, obese people who have a weak immune system should be more careful about not only COVID-19 but also about any other viral infections.

In case you are an obese person chances are high that your immunity will be lower than the average person. One of the most common problems for obese people is that fat tends to surround their heart and lungs. This makes both the lungs and the heart vulnerable. For an obese person, the heart will need to pump blood harder to all the cells. Also, too much body fat is incredibly inflammatory. Increased fat cells can produce too many immune cells causing inflammation. This high level of inflammation can lead to weak immunity. A weak immune system will most likely allow any virus to spread to your lungs very quickly causing pneumonia.

In most cases, it is up to the patient’s strength and immunity that determines their recovery from any type of health condition. So, if a person is suffering from obesity or any obesity-related disease, his survival chances from any severe health condition automatically drops down due to low immunity.

Obesity can lead to heart diseases, asthma, sleep apnea and many other diseases. One major symptom of any respiratory disease is a severe breathing problem. Virus including corona can affect the respiratory tract in severe cases. If you are an obese person, you might suffer more due to the excess fat. If you have excess weight on your chest, it will make it harder for your muscles to breathe properly. If you are suffering from any such disease, your lungs and heart will have difficulty in functioning properly. Obesity on top of it can make it twice as hard.

Keep yourself away from this deadly virus, we would suggest you do so by strictly staying at home. Not only that with the help of ILS Bariatric care, you can also find ways to try to strengthen your immunity. Eating only healthy immune-boosting foods, doing exercises regularly can certainly help you. So, keep your immunity strong and stay safe.