A Codependent Relationship:
Diabetes & Obesity

In the year 1999, 16 million people of America were affected by diabetes, which accounts to 6% of the entire population. This has increased to 40% in 10 years.

In the same time period, the rise of obesity has been from 12 to 20 percent. In the last year, the rate of diabetes and obesity has risen from 6 to 57 percent. Every 3 seconds, one person is diagnosed with diabetes. In the year 2000, children were also diagnosed of diabetes.

However, these factors, obesity and diabetes are associated with age, race and family history. The modern day has witnessed more cases of these problems due to abnormal eating habit of the people. The increased consumption of soft drinks, fast food is leading to such diseases.

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Is There a Link Between Obesity and Diabetes?

Out of millions of people who are suffering from diabetes, 80% of them are found to be obese. This provides a link between the obesity and diabetes. If the reason for such disease can be found then people can take better precautions to avoid the same.

When people become overweight, they face various problems including the one like failure to maintain a proper glucose level. The body becomes resistant to hormones produced by the pancreas. If someone is suffering from diabetes then they are required to ant diabetics in order to control the glucose level in the blood. And if diabetes is not there then out of the prolonged exposure to hormonal resistance may lead to diabetes.

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Will Anti Diabetics Make Me Gain Weight?

Weight gain becomes popular among people who take anti diabetics regularly. The reason for this is that as more anti diabetics gets into the body, the cells start absorbing more body glucose instead of excreting the same. The absorbed fat gradually turns into fat. This is one of the connecting links between weight gain and pancreatic hormone.
The diabetic patients are required to maintain their diet as advised by doctors. Else, they might go on putting on weights. Hence, the other source of glucose in the blood has to be maintained.

Gradually, their body does not require the same quantity of food. As the body will be utilizing the food without wasting it, the body should be accustomed to consume less than usual. It can be hoped that after modifying the diet people are expected to reduce their weight gain. So, it is essential for the diabetic patients to monitor their glucose level regularly as recommended by the doctor.

Are There New Treatments for Diabetes and Obesity?

A research team from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill made a study on the metabolism process in mice. In the month of December, 2007, they reported that the mice, an enzyme, are resistant to gain weight even if they are placed on a high fat diet.

Thus the rennin blocking drug, those used to treat blood pressure can also be used to treat obesity and diabetes and hormonal resistance. These medicines have been clinically tested and they have proved to be effective in increasing hormonal sensitivity and treating the Type II form of diabetes.

Prevent Obesity, Prevent Diabetes

In order to live a healthy, diabetes and obesity free life, maintain a regular schedule consisting of some physical activities. Various diabetes vitamins are available in the market, people might avail the same if required.

If one is overweight, a reduction can keep diabetes away to a considerable rate or will elongate the chance of having diabetes. Similarly a small amount of weight loss would reduce the requirement of drugs in the body as it would avoid some of the common complications like heart attack, blindness, stroke and hypertension.

In order to assist the weight loss initiative one should intake lesser amount of carbohydrates and eat high fibrous food and a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of physical activities regularly. However, recommendations of the doctor should always be taken before carrying on with any physical exercises or any particular diet chart if you are already being diagnosed of diabetes.

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