Obesity – Is It A Lifestyle Disease?

For so many people, having a smartphone with an internet connection is more than a necessity these days, it is a lifestyle update. So, is having dinner at a restaurant instead of eating home-cooked food or ordering fast food quite frequently. Amidst these everyday choices, gaining weight becomes inevitable. Statistically, as per obesity surgeons of India, 1 in every 5 Indian is either overweight or obese. Let’s evaluate in details if obesity can be termed as a lifestyle disease.

Can Obesity Be Called As A Disease?

Before classifying it into a category, it is crucial to understand, what obesity is! Obesity is a medical condition in which the individual acquires extra body weight, which makes them medically unfit and unhealthy. It might come as a surprising fact, but obesity qualifies every condition, to be treated as a disease. It adversely affects the quality of life, both physically and mentally. Moreover, it leads to several other associated illnesses such as heart and respiratory conditions, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and many more.

Is It A Lifestyle Choice?

Some blame obesity to be a hereditary thing, but our everyday choice is also a culprit for it. Obesity onsets due to huge consumption of fast food and lack of physical exercise as well. Even for some families that have many overweight or obese members (in consecutive generations), it is due to the fact that they follow similar diet and level of physical activeness.

In a nutshell, it is fair to conclude that obesity is mostly a lifestyle disease (apart from some other cases). We are choosing to be obese, not as a package. Every lucrative offer on fast food we are falling for, adds an extra baggage in our belly. But thankfully, it also means we can choose to get rid of it if we seek timely consultation and treatment. Obesity surgery is helping thousands of overweight and obese patients to lose weight effectively and live an improvised life ahead.

We will conclude this blog with this funny, but meaningful lines-

Obese patient- But doctor the problem is, obesity runs in our family

Obesity surgeon- Actually, I think the accurate problem is- ‘no one’ RUNS in your family.