• My weight was 140 kg, after the Lap MGB surgery in 6 months I have lost 30 kg weight. I had High BP, Hyper tension, Knee Pain. None of the problems bother me anymore. Dr. Tantia and his team is extremely supportive. They have supported me constantly even after the surgery. I have complete faith on ILS and their team. I definitely recommend them.

    Rajib Mukherjee

    Weight Lost: 30 kgs

  • My weight was 103 Kgs, and after my Bariatric surgery my weight dropped to 83 Kgs within 6 months. I used to face a lot of problems regarding my Knee pain, Hyperthyroidism and also had liver disease. I used to avoid riding my motor-cycle and started driving my car instead. I used to get tired very easily. I visited Salt Lake ILS Bariatric Care and consulted with Dr. Om Tantia, he suggested me this surgery and my life has changed ever since. I thank him for this genuinely.

    Kamalesh Maity

    Weight Lost: 20 kgs

  • My weight was 104 KG and after the Lap MGB surgery in 2.5 month I have lost 15 kg weight. I used to have Hyper tension, hyperthyroidism and Sleep Apnea. Now I don't face any of these. I thank ILS Hospitals and Dr. Om Tantia for the new life that I have got. I feel ILS Hospitals is one of the best Hospitals available in Kolkata.

    Poonam Choudhary

    Weight Lost: 15 kgs

  • I've gone through a 360o change in my life. Not only is my weight under control, but my hypertension has also been cured. The quality of my life has now improved un believably. All thanks to ILS Hospitals.

    Kaustav Banerjee

    Weight Lost: 51 kgs

  • I used to get tired and depressed, but now I've become more energetic and confident, Everybody praises me about how I'm looking better now. Thanks to ILS Hospitals and its Bariatric team.

    Neha Burman

    Weight Lost: 69 kgs

  • My weight is in under control since the surgery in 2011 and the high blood pressure has also been cured. I don't feel shy anymore. Thanks to ILS Hospitals.

    Oindrilla Ghosh

    Weight Lost: 22.7 kgs

  • I wanted to get rid of diabetes and stop taking medicines. Now my life has completely changed, and I am not dependent on medicines anymore. Now my weight is control too, thanks, ILS Hospitals.

    Sumit Mukherjee

    Weight Lost: 45 kgs

  • After having 44kgs reduced, I no longer have to take my hypertension pills. Diabetes too is not an obstacle in my life anymore. Bariatric surgery has helped me to lead a happier life.

    Rajkumar Sultania

    Weight Lost: 43.6 kgs

  • Breathing problem and nausea gone completely. My weight has also been reduced dramatically after bariatric surgery. Thanks to ILS Hospitals, now i can lead my married-life with confidence.

    Falguni Ghosh

    Weight Lost: 29.1 Kgs

  • Rajib Mukherjee
  • Kamalesh Maity
  • Poonam Choudhary
  • Kaustav Banerjee
  • Neha Burman
  • Oindrilla Ghosh
  • Sumit Mukherjee
  • Rajkumar Sultania
  • Falguni Ghosh