Physical And Psychological Health Risks In Obese Children

21st century has brought a lot of challenges, but one of the most concerning one among them is childhood obesity. Our next generation is supposed to make the world progress. But a generation of children with a lot of mental and physical health problems face a lot of struggles to succeed. A lot of bariatric surgeons in India have the most common view that children suffering from obesity are suffering both physically and psychologically.

Over 42 million children of the world of below the age of 5 are either overweight or obese. Out of these children, most of them are affected physically and mentally. You need to be aware of these complications and take actions accordingly if your child is obese as well.

Physical Health Complications

An obese child is first affected physically. Some of these problems are sleep apnea, asthma, increase of fat in the liver, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney diseases, acid reflux disease, arthritis, joint pain and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, for girls, polycystic ovarian syndrome and irregular menstruation cycle are quite common. These health problems until now used to be found mostly in adults and old people. But now, one of the biggest concern for bariatric surgeons in India is they can quite easily be found in obese and overweight children too. But the good news is these diseases are treatable.

Psychological Health Complications

A child’s mental health gets affected adversely due to obesity. They are most likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, self-esteem, eating disorder symptoms and other emotional problems. Obesity can lead to depression or an eating disorder. If your child has an eating disorder where they eat too much will definitely lead to more weight gain. On the other hand, due to low self-esteem, a consequence of severe obesity can drive children, especially girls, to eat less and less. This constant restriction of food intake will eventually make them break and result in unhealthy eating practices, like binge eating and emotional eating. All these causes and consequences will prompt severe depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems.

If children are not healthy, then they can never develop and progress fully. At ILS Bariatric Care, our team of expert bariatric surgeons and health experts help children of every age who struggle with their weight. It’s not enough to only lose their weight to recover. They would need to be treated for both physical and psychological effects of obesity. So, if your child is suffering from obesity, consult us today.